Why I don't use my real name

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  • You are lucky I have a name that some people can say

  • I pronounce it il-li-sa

  • Teacher: Gale come now Ilyssa: Gale? Teacher: Gale!!! *Walks out*

  • People also spell my name wrong

  • 3:07 my name is there! Also I can relate to ppl mispronouncing my name

  • Noggin boi 😏🤣🤣

  • My name is kaydense it sucks

  • me and my sister both have i names

  • Hello Ilissa with an eye. XD

  • James real name isn’t James I think

    • There’s like 3 million james’

  • My name is bryken and nobody can ever pronounce it. Btw it's pronounced bur-eye-kin

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It should be called “ illymations” instead of illymations, ilyssa

  • I just could not when she said :THIs ONES JUST IDIOT WITHOUT THE T

  • Me : Is nicknamed Liam Everyone Else : L I A I can relate

  • I'm a call you Jeve

  • 0:18, got to go

  • Idio is just idiot without the t. Me: laughing to death becuse i thinked calling your child idiot

  • wtf it’s so simple

  • Ilysabae thanks captions 👍🏾

  • 1:30 Shes probably idiot ya misspeld

  • Well, my name is Audrie and it hurts that people write my name wrong. They always spell it, Audrey.

  • i can level with you a little. My name is Lois and for SOME STUPID RESON EVERYONE FRICKIN CALLS ME LUIS. so i if your name is Luis i hate you

  • No no NO

  • Elsa ... i think i got it right-

  • Why are anglophones so bad at pronouncing anything


  • There's a rumor that illyssa is still at the preschool or kindergarten waiting for her mom

  • Ilyssa

  • Cool video lyssa

  • It keeps atuo correcting

  • Well if you think that name is hard to spell people spell my name yaseen while it yassin

  • me: no it's MEWTWO NOOOO IT MEOWTHREE Me: **punches across room**

  • What about domics nickname dom or jaidenanimations jaidn

  • I like the name Iylssa is it unique

  • P=6.13 for the math problem

  • I like illy more

  • Galemation 🛐

  • “This one’s idiot without the T!” You forgot about idiot without an O

  • I know exactly how it feels! My first name is Shira. A lot of people pronounce it She-eea. So I just end up having them call me Shi.

  • I'm alyssa

  • Parents:ilyssa Me:why am l here

  • legend says *she still waits for her mom till this day*

  • "maybe a little bit? As a treat? That was great.

  • Oh my god I only just realised your HRwiki name is illymation and not lillymation

  • My names Alyssa-

  • Yea so my full name ai Arkadiusz but somehow I don’t know how in school it was “Arkadvsk” somehow even when my parents corrected them they still wrote it incorrectly

  • I really like this video it’s a great video gale

  • 4:00 Ans- 6.1304

  • gale gale GALE! her drawing: "that gale is in trouble oh wait thats me!"

  • P=70.5

  • In public with over 500 people on a mic someone said my name was Nya it is pronuced Nea but spelt Nia.

  • The classic clown in my school is called Elijah

  • I was also named after my mom’s father

  • Call life noggin 'life nugget' Duuuhhh

  • illyssa i feel your pain the reason is my name is iram like iris but without the "is" and replaced with an "am" people mostly call me ARAM or ay- ram or iris (its sad) but im used to it

  • Glad to know your name is Elijah!

  • Gale you make good videos

  • Ilassa

  • Your name: Ilyssa Your REAL name: Elijah or Elsa

  • Legend says illy is still there to this day


  • oh yea? Illyssa is easy my name is Ishetia (pronounced Izetta)

  • people do the same thing with my name messing it up

  • Hey my names names Alyssa


  • Very nice iCarly

  • My name is Lily and I swear to god... The amount of times people have spelled m name either Lilly or Lillie isnt even funny- ITS RIGHT THERE IN THE EMAIL WHAT THE HECK! It took a girl in my class 4 years to get the spelling right...4 YEARS. Ik its not a big deal but bc people just cant seem to remember L I L Y i get triggered everytime someone spells it wrong.

  • Good job Gale

  • illy : ily ss a HRwiki: ILY SS BAE

  • People even misscalled me Yari Even though my real name is Yuri

  • Jaiden and Gail got the best voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂 sorry Illiysa sorry

  • I L Y S S A more like E Y E L E S S JACK...

  • I mean my name is Chloe. And people sometimes spell my name like this Chlowe Chole Khloe I mildly hare that

  • Never had my name mispronounced. Just.. misspelled.. It's literally K A I, not K Y, thanks. But I've literally had a teacher assume I asked him to call me "Pie" before I panicked and said, "No, its Kai. K A I"

  • The name below Idio is Idit which is idiot without the o, not the i

  • Me:looks at thumbnail Also me :*gets scared*my name is alicja

  • I thought I was the only one who thought my parents didn't pick me up at school when I was a kid

  • lol my classmate was named Janloyd and we spell it john lloyd

  • Illy

  • As a person who has a unique spelled name people can pronounce it they just can’t spell it

  • just pronounce it Alyssa I can also relate to people spelling it wrong despite the correct spelling being right there. My name is Jesse, but one of my teachers always spells it Jessie (in the time of online school when you can see my name right there)

  • Love the video Gale!

  • My name isn't hard to pronounce but people ALWAYS misspell it. My name is Jodie jodIE but people always spell its JodY it winds me up. In my first year of primary school i went an entire year with my teach misspelling my name. I was 5 at the time so it didnt really click? But i look back and she had me doing name spelling practices WITH THE WRONG SPELLING.

  • Yes noggin boy

  • Great job... El. Ummmmm BOB! Ya. That’s your name.

  • 4:07 If anyone's wondering what p equals it's about 6.13

  • Husna video

  • Laddi that IS MY NAME thx

  • And I’m here thanking her first name is illy I feel lied to

  • You should see people try and pronounce Clara, and don't even get me started on my Romanian last name

  • Oh I thought *Alissa?*

  • 1:40 Isabelle: *Am I a joke to you??*

  • I feel you. My name is Linus which is pronounced lie-nis but some new people get it wrong and say lin-is.

  • The name is ilyssa, you dork. God, the professor is stupid. IT’S ON THE EMAIL ADRESS!!!!😡🤬

  • I pronounced it right the first time, Oop-

  • Watching this after a year later and this remained me of what happened to me and another classmate of mine. Me and my classmate both had somewhat similar names. But yet teachers always got them confused for either other. But yet here's the thing, our two names were spelled differently but sounded the same Mine has an S and her name had a C and both ended in the letter A. I'm not saying the names because of well privacy.

  • Shoutout to all the people with the name “Aidan” as opposed to “Aiden”

  • This is the most relatable video i have ever seen! my name is "Kourosh." nobody as every gotten in right first try, EVER (in america)