Tinder dating is weird (ft. SultanSketches)

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Svi 2019.
wow well at least detective pikachu is out now so that giant plush will come in handy......... solvin mysteries or somethin :0
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  • A lot you are very upset that I admitted I ghosted a guy. I’ve seen your angry comments and DMs and emails, and instead of responding to each and every one (there are a lot) I'm just gonna pin this. I’m sorry I upset you with that story, with what I admitted to doing. As I stated in my video, this happened a few years ago when I first moved to CA, which was 2015. I'm here to say I handle things much differently now-- I communicate very truthfully and transparently with my dates and SO's and friends. Four years have passed since this situation happened and I assure you I don't act like this anymore. Again, I'm sorry I did that, I promise I don't do it anymore, and I hope you guys can forgive me. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Thank you

    • Honestly I think that’s hilarious🤣

    • @WhoEvenAskedYou you do know most of the people messaging her are 15 right?

    • People actually sending her angry messages over something as fucking stupid as that. You guys really need to grow the hell up. 2000 is long gone, most of you are 20 years old now. Start acting like it.

    • It’s okay! We understand

    • People are getting mad over nothing... again.

  • He sounds like fun 😂

  • lol the entire time just quoteing high school musical

  • 2:53 Troy, everybody knows.. tHeRe’S nO kiSsiNg oN fiRsT dAtEssSssSsSsSsSSs

  • I used to have that EXACT pikachu lol

  • Imagine how awkward it is if Troy sees illy with corbin

  • the intro-

  • 1:05 how did I jdut noticed there’s a golden snitch I. The background

  • i just love pokemon drawings i wasnt paying attention to a date gross...

  • ya like fishsticks?

  • I have the same giant Pokémon plushie-

  • This sounds like a Disney movie

  • Imagine dating the high school musical cast...

  • It’s coarse ruff irritating and it gets everywhere

  • 3:08

  • 1:16 okay... i dont either, but one time i had this bf (and my parents didnt have a clue) and on frkn VALENTINS DAY He came with roses 🌹🤭.... and the thing was i were going to the one and only bestie that knew i had a bf and i havent told my parents 💞 and before my dad drived Me to her my mom just came out asking “is He your bf?” And inside i died😂

  • Can I have the Pikachu?

  • I thought the pikachu was holding a beer...

  • "Oh I was on the school's swim team but I wasn't very good" "I GOT SECOND!!"

  • I just got a dating app ad..,,

  • peka

  • ...Sorry but,pikachus doesn't have brown in their tails


  • omg i need that picachu

  • "It's course and rough and it gets everywhere" Anakin:"Padme?"

  • Decided not to meet Troy again cause she didn’t feel any chemistry? Yeah that’s understandable. Ghosted Corbin cause she felt super freaking awkward about a little accident? Ok, no ones perfect, I’m just salty cause I’ve never went far as texting someone on these dating sites.

  • Sand is so hard to run on I’m so slow

  • So many HSM refferences, I loved it!

  • I just tried tinder. I deleted it after 2 days

  • Nice puns



  • The hsm references are so good

  • "OMG why do guys try to impress me on dates? I'll just sit here and complain while I do nothing to impress them"


  • 0:25 is just :)

  • I died at "We'RE bReAKing FreE-"

  • 3:08 i think i have seen this part in loop for an hour

  • Wait... Ilyssa is that you? I'm Yaya Aka Troy! I understand if you didn't like me then, but can we try again? I still love you.

  • why does the carnival tent thingy say goats?

  • When I clicked on this vid no joke a add abt models looking at what people send each other on tinder😂😂

  • "I hate sand. It's course and rough and gets everywhere." Me, who's from Egypt: h u h

  • 1:57 At least you never had to live on Tattooine.

  • Ihavea giant pikachu in my bedroom

  • She broke free

  • lol, i cant count how many HS musical things are in here XD

  • At least you didn't end up with a stapler.

  • It's so bizarre recognising your own limits off affection and also must be very hard to recognise this in others. I really think it's strange to me how "the bottles incident" made you unable to talk to him, but I understand that everyone feel attraction differently.

  • The early 2000s Disney original movie references 😂

  • i also won a giant pikachu on a ring toss

  • Me: *watches video* Add: *is about tinder* Me: 👁👄👁

  • I think illyssa decided to see how many high school musical references she could put in one video

  • Hey everyone what's your favorite pokemon mine is Pikachu and Eevee

  • The amount of High school musical references- I can't spit out my Milo

  • OK that’s really funny my brothers name is Corben

  • The high school musical puns are unreal!!!

  • i wan a pikatoo

  • Fabulous goats 😎

  • i got a tinder ad for this video, xD

  • You changed the name of the video! It was originally called "first dates are weird". I know because I love this video

  • The References man,nice!

  • The ad in this video...

  • When I went on this vid I got a tinder ad

  • Is it bad that this video makes me want to try Tinder again? lol

  • I was not expecting to have my name mentioned in a video like this

  • Definitely need to use "we're breaking free!" when dipping out of an awkward situation.

  • I'm here for the chaos!!!

  • Dang, can’t believe you got to date Troy Bolton (NotSultan) on Tinder, you’re so lucky Lily...

  • course, rough, IRRITATING and gets everywhere

  • 0:29 THATS MY NAME WTF (Kelly)

  • "i hate sand. its coarse and rough and it gets everywhere"

  • illy: talks about dates Me the whole time: GIGANTAMAX PIKACHU

  • Anyone else able to understand all the high school musical jokes??? No... oh

  • Lol 3:08

  • Ily: ghosted the dude Everyone: laughing/annoyed Me: haha The dude: Nani???? 🥲

  • Illy is anikin and so am i



  • I loved that last story Lmao 😂

  • 😂😂not me getting all the highschool musical jokes (i ❤ highschool musical)


  • 1:58 that totally wasn't a reference to attack of the clones

  • This whole video is a spoof for high School musical

  • *" Because that fits with your whole Troy Bolton fan image! "* - GinjaNinja on Emirichu's video

  • My brother is named Corbin lol

  • ngl i would LOVE my date to bring his guitar. But I'm just a country-wilbur soot simp soooo...

  • I'm not gonna lie i always thought that you would be a lesbian

  • Really enjoyed all those HSM references

  • speaking about a fair...... Once upon a time, a 15 year old walked around with a Xenomorph balloon.

  • Ily: "I gotta go my own way" Me: WHHAAATTT ABOUTT USSS!

  • Illys tinder dates: normal Mine: run to the hills!!

  • I hate when I get fish and chips and they give me french fries. THAT'S NOT WHAT I ORDERED!

  • The elite tail potentially soak because foam additonally smell modulo a blue morocco. greedy, scientific cake

  • 3:50


  • Yeah I don’t like making a scene and big jesters

  • The wise wealth reversely whine because voyage aesthetically afford with a festive prose. available, cumbersome airplane

  • She was talking to her Pikachu and I was playing Pikachu


  • POV: Illy gets copyrighted for her HSM references.