Panic attacks

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▶ emotions may make us feel weak, but that doesn't mean we are weak.
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  • hi guys!! i had audio issues when i first tried to upload this. thanks for coming back to watch! i hope its fixed :') check out my amazing sound editor hannah moroz in the description! shes a life saver!

    • um I'm might go to a mentle health fissility and I'm Nevis

    • @Remington Curtis Definitely, I have been using flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Pro trick: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

    • Thank you so much Illy for this

    • illy please do not quit I wanna be your friend

  • You make me question my life everyday

  • *sniff*

  • I don't think people are talking about the fact that she watches She-ra enough. YEEESSS

  • When I have a panic attack I literally can’t think of anything and I get sweaty

  • A anti-stress and meditation ad came up in the middle of this video- 😐🤨😂😅

  • Me: I have that🙃

  • Why does the intro give me a panic attack though 😭

  • I have panic attacks thinking I'm a weirdo for liking anime, drawing, animals, singing, and.. just not talking to anyone. I sometimes also stutter and cry if I get over pressured

  • this happenens to me all the time-

  • right now Im suffering panic attacks

  • around 1:40 i was like huh, that all seems normal to me! wait

  • Cinnamon altoids are amazing

  • I recently realized that I may have been having panic attacks all my life and not even known it.

  • please, please don't quit.

  • So.. people say "don't worry about what other people think about you" but I kind of disagree... I would say "don't worry what other people think about you unless they have a good opinion about you"

  • this video makes me feel normal

  • This is me

  • I have a few friends who gets common panic attacks and apparently, saying hi to some random old lady or washing hands helps them a lot.

  • To all those who get really quiet, or bounce their legs, or have silent freakouts. Just because your anxiety isn't visible to most, doesn't make your pain any less real. You are valid. You deserve help, happiness, and more.

  • If you ever can't cope alone with panic attacks.... get help! I have anxiety and occasionally get panic attacks. Now after 3 years on really focusing on learning about myself and how to cope with anxiety and stress as well as any other tough emotions that may come up in life. And yeah, smelling nice smelly smells helps. Like lavender or frankincense.

  • 3:35 oh my god it’s the ctrl+alt+del comic

  • This video acc helped distract my panic attack a bit :D

  • I relate to this TOO MUCH q-q If I’m about to have a panic attack I just consume salt

  • This is similar to my autism meltdowns. Are you sure that you're not autistic? Because this doesn't sound like just anxiety.

  • 3:50 SHERAA

  • 2:40 i was thinking, how is it possible that she can have a panic attack in public, and then i realized i'm the weird one who always cries when having one, which hurts my breathing more lol

  • I do a similar thing with bitter or sweet tea, my psychologist told me about this process actually, it's called grounding (not the weird mediation thing tho) and it also helps with my post traumatic stress disorder, the principle from what I've gathered is activating your senses, like touch, smell, taste, etc pulls you away from your headspace when it's all outta wack and back to the current moment (hugs also help loads). Whatever works for the individual but nonetheless it's a very good thing to keep in mind for anyone, just in case.

  • My girlfriend tells me she sometimes goes through these, and it sorta hurts to imagine seeing her like that. But I will try my damndest to help.

  • Telling a person with anxiety or having a panic attack to calm down is like telling a person driving a car with no breaks to stop.

  • I'm the type of person who has a lot of panic attacks and o boi are they bad

  • I once told my mom that one of my YT videos hit 1k views and she started looking at my HRwiki channel That was the first time I had an actual panic attack

  • Did no one else see this reference at 3:50?

  • Smoke weed🧍🏽‍♂️

  • 0:30 u would die in Germany

  • Alternative Title : RedHead get smacked but an organ.

  • For me blowing in my right rhumb works kinda well

  • YOU.DONT.QUIT. (please)

  • That's why it doesn't hurt to show kindness, because you never know what that person is going through. ❤😁

  • The 420 things are funny

  • 3:50 shera fan check😌😌😌. And im watching it too when i feel sad ior anxious lol🙏

  • Anytime I hear the word, "Eucalyptus" : Me: *thinks of that one Adventure Time scene, laughing my ass off* Oh God, that's funny!

  • 4:49 she-ra is a really good tv show

  • shifa

  • i love shifa

  • one time it was really weird i was cutting away at a bush because it was blocking the drive i felt so guilty because nature that when i heard this noise i thought a tree monster had taken my mum because idk why my brain is weird.

  • She-ra and the princesses of power. I like to call it: the show that makes you feel happy and has a 90% LGBTQ cast.

  • Then I have social anxiety

  • Hey illy, I just cried while watching this video.

  • Sometimes i have social anxiety to having the fear of jugement but since your here things started to feel better and shows that im not alone facing these negative thoughts. @therapist illy

  • When I have a panic attack I hyperventilate

  • My way to relax is go to the dark it helps me

  • Illy: It can make me feel, gone. Ad: Try our new pepper jack chilli burger!

  • Illissa looks like amy mcnulty

  • I also have Social Anxiety.

  • Omg Im excatly like that, maybe cause I have birthday on same day as Illy xD

  • I've actually been accused of having a fake ID and got my mum and I kicked out of the LCBO (Canadian Liquor store). I found out later that if they accuse you of this you can actually call the cops on them because it's illegal. But my panic attacks are a serious health issue related to my PTSD :( I have severe attacks that look like seizures (writhing on the floor, shaking, chest pains, body pains, migraines, vomiting, lots of not pretty stuff. I have to be put on a bed or soft space so I don't hurt myself accidentally) and I've been trying to get professional help for them. I'm on two benzodiazapines, an antidepressant, an antipsychotic, and a medication called Prazosin which is a blood pressure medication used off label for PTSD related nightmares. So far it hasn't helped enough and I'm having trouble getting therapy because a lot of places that are covered by our Healthcare System here in Canada don't take on severe cases because they're lengthy to treat and costly. So I'm without much luck in getting therapy. I was quoted $6000 for a private practice. I'm still working with the hosptial but it's been very stressful. I still haven't found relief and it's starting to destroy my life. Sorry this isn't a happy comment. Really amazing animation tho and thank you for sharing your experience 💕

  • and this is why there are a million candles on my desk

  • The funny part that warms my heart is that “Carl” looks like her dad.

  • I know now that I have a panic attack every 3 days

  • "watching a really good tv show" SHE-RA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

  • Have you read Aron Gillies’ book on how to survive the end of the world when it’s in your head, u might need it!

  • Another person with social anxiety I feel welcome

  • 3:52 The Furry History of Furries. GET ME THIS BOOK! I NEEEEED IT!

  • i dont think your crazy. i go through the same type of social anxiety you described in the video and i hate having attention on me. i start to sweat and mutter when i talk and shake and just loose myself. I find help in candles! I loooove Yankee candles!!!

  • It is called imaginary audience in psychology

  • Thank you for showing me what I have and I’m not “weird.” And that I’m “overreacting”. Your stories really helped me. ♡︎

  • I hate when people say im years younger than I actually am though

  • I'm speechless... I've never found a video on youtube that the intro took the words straight out of my head and made them a youtube video... I'm not even joking...

  • I can’t believe someone’s brain is just like mine!!!!!! And this video really helped me ☺️😊

  • Illy: Hey, you got the stuff? Carl: Yeah, we got the Chesapeake Bay, Yankee Candle, Bed Bath and Beyond- Illy: Front me Carl, I said, do you got the stuff? Carl: Yeah, I got the stuff. *gives candle* Illy: *sniffs candle* Ooooooh yeah, that's the stuff- Do you accept PayPal or Venmo?

  • luckily in australia, as far as I'm aware, you can't reject an ID. they have holographics on them that shine differently at different angles, so if it has that, its real, no matter how young you look

  • I have one of those thoughts: Where you think everyone secretly hates you.

  • See I was never diagnosed with social anxiety but some of the things mentioned in here I was like ... I do that....

  • I have a small social anxiety

  • Why is diss me ;-;

  • Bruh I almost got an anxiety attack at the store because my mom walked away

  • Oh wow my friends give me social anxiety because they actually talk about me behind my back so I think all of my friends do that to

  • Hi Ilyssa, I love your channel, and I discovered what is a panic attack because of your video, and your tips are really useful. Ps: I'm learning how to speak english,so sorry if you don't understand something!

  • My anxiety just got worse these few month.. :/ im struggling a lot and relapse a few times.. maybe ill try the sniff method lel

  • Hmmmm Now i think about it i always do this

  • I'm not sure if this is a panic attack but sometimes I just dissociate and start sweating. I swear I can feel my skin burning and see it going red. Usually, I calm down once I start thinking about books and friendly banter. This only happens when I'm in stressful situations so I'm not sure what it is.

  • This video, when it came out to me wasn't that significant to me but I could relate to it a bit. Now I can very much relate to this, it's hard panic attacks can hyucking throw a brick at it's balls.

  • I have anxiety and anger issues and I got into this fight with and old “friend” and she told me this “just get a stress ball” I’m truly disappointed that people think it’s that easy

  • Right there with ya hun....

  • plz help me i have depression how did u cope with thos

  • Same

  • Sniff: *snnnnnfffffffhhhh*

  • I relate

  • I usually cry

  • OMG SHE-RA IS ( your my fav youtuber now )

  • I watch your video during my first panic attack.

  • hehehe i was about to comment something then I got a mini anxiety attack about how it was too long and no one would care. The irony, am I right?

  • Me : *almost runs into someone* Also me : *breathes in fear trying not to cry*

  • The only time I ever have anxiety attacks is late at night when I realize I need to finish my homework but I can't because my computer is loud ;-;

  • The poor clueless kids that googled Pap smear 😂

  • that's me

  • wow... i didn’t even know all that was social anxiety. I do most of those things (except the panic attacks lol), but i’ve never talked to anyone about it. I also sometimes get “shivers” through my shoulders and down my spine, which i thought was because i was cold. Now i know that it’s an anxiety response 😅 thanks for making this video!

  • i relate to this so fucking much