Noisy neighbors

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Stu 2019.
▶ BG ARTIST: Ingrid Umbach
▶ SOUND EDITOR: Hannah Moroz
▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - background art / thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC - to edit and compile
- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • Mommy 😩 😩 👅💦 💦 💦🤪👅💦💦💦💦💦


  • 3:11 How has it taken me *this* long to notice the books in the background?

  • okay but am i the only one that yelled "MCR REFERNCE" at the teenagers scare the living crap outta me part?? just me whos an emo kid?? okay.


  • HAHAHA The bye mr fbi guy tape on the camera of the computer


  • i’m going to walmart

  • Look at the sticky note on the book, 4:01, are YOU a furry?

  • Me on the toilet me done but there's no toilet paper 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Yep

  • So people called the police on us haha,sksksksksksksk. Me: Idiot vsco? She tries to save turtles but doesn't know how to

  • her art style suits a kids tv show DONT TELL ME YOU DONT AGREE


  • 1:07 ... why with luigi and just why

  • Me just watching then hearing "mommy, mommy please" Me thinking "mother of god, is that my neighbors" I'm not kidding at all, I heard that last night and now watching this video

  • b o w c h i c a b o w w o w

  • what’s going on at the beginning of the video?!

  • Bed vibration is what I hear at night across the corridor

  • Same my neighbors are noisy because I Live in a apartment

  • Relatable

  • Idiot’s over idiots

  • Ummmm I just was watching that on my TV so um mom ya

  • Anyone still hear it but... it sounds like music

  • this is November and your celebrating Christmas

  • Did you have to put that in the beginning of the video 😶 😂

  • 6:44 "teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me" was that a mcr reference-

  • People repeating what the youtuber says gets LIKES? I'm gonna try Church

  • Who else watched this when they were little and was confused then got "the talk" and are now slowly understanding this is not a kids channel like you thought. Still stay subbed though

  • Idiot teenagers😶

  • “AUGHHHHHH MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!” Those boys in the back of the class:

  • That beginning💀💀🤮

  • ha

  • One of the hashtags is mommy. Lorde

  • H I H A P P Y C R I S M A T H,👀👄🎅🌸🌼


  • I just saw SomethingStrangeYT 2:20 👁👄👁

    • Wrong timestamp, try going back 10 seconds

  • They may have tried laughing it off because they were terrified. Depending on the... demographic of the kids you called the cops on, they may have feared for their life.

  • "bowchika bowow"

  • 2:29 The fursuit and memes box lmao

  • bow chia wow wow

  • 2:29 hAhA fUrRy

  • Read the biblie plz

  • Oh no

  • my parents on satur day ;[

  • I bet they were arguing about Animal Crossing because one of them gave all the fish to the museum and the other couldn't give any of theirs

  • I can’t believe the younger teen was smiling like everything was fine when the older one said” We had a fight...”. Ummm... what is wrong with that younger teen.

  • I clicked cuz of the thumbnail

  • Me hearing my neighbours moan be like: im putting on my headphones and im playing weller man by sea shanty

  • Im 11 and if u ask me why am i here? Idk

  • One of the boxes says fur suit

  • I love how she quoted MCR at the last second

  • Was the room actually 420 or was that a joke

  • Help 😭

  • Tell me how I got this recommended right when I was having the same problem with my football teammate in the dorm upstairs

  • 5:57 that kinda looks like rontaro...

  • *the claping noises* whos claping "MoMmY" not the same thing

  • 0:57 THIS WAS SO HILARIOUS But please kill me

  • thumbnail?

  • they could care less so long as someone’ll bleed-

  • If this happened again...record the noise of where ITS coming from and tell the management about it

  • 0:57 thats innarpropiete IDK how to spell it but it is

  • i tought at first it was some people having segges-

  • Called cops on us skskskskks

  • Does anyone have Christmas in summer

  • Saaaaaame btw I am 10 so this is really annoying and I already have sleeping problems 😒

  • *did you just make an mcr reference*

  • not me starting to sing teenagers by mcr at 6:45

  • The skit is cursed 😨😨

  • I'm more of a natal chart gal.

  • Wtf

  • AYO not mommy 😩😭😂

  • The thumbnail got me immediately my dirty minded self went...NOT THOSE NOISESSS


  • plot twist: he was drunk on the toilet having diarrhea

  • $500 for an apartment in California!!!??? I swear I haven't heard of an apartment cheaper than $1K in Austin, TX!!!

  • Did we all notice "Hiding your a furry" beause if Illy is girl I support you I protect furries

  • just from the thumbnail i hope they stub thier toe. not illy. the neibors

  • 1:02 I thought the mom was beating the son But than when I realized what was going on holy frik😳

  • 2:29 “Fur suits” Illymation is a furry comfurmed!

  • Where I live, the police don't actually do anything when a noise complaint comes in. One time, the neighbors from a block away were having a party that was so loud I could hear it with closed windows. We filed a complaint at around 11 pm and they went on til 4 am with their shitty Dutch bar music. There was not a single shit given by the police and I think it's ridiculous. I live in a pretty rural area as well. Half the town is basically a retirement home yet someone was having a loud as shit party while we were in lockdown because of the pandemic.

  • I live on the other side of the world so my Christmas or other holidays that celebrated around Christmas time take place during summer

  • illymation: yeah mom i'm doing good, the apartments- OH MY GOD THE KIDS! the mom: YOU HAVE KIDS?!?! Me: WHAT. THE. HECK. illymation: no mom the kids that we hit the car they're CLIMBING THE FENCE NOW! Mom: what what do mean? what kids? whose kids? Me: what the heck

  • .

  • To me Luigi doesn't look like its a mustache it looks like he spilled coffee round his mouth

  • My neighbours like to smash a lot.

  • Well the thumbnail😂🥲

  • My noisy neighbors called each other “virgin” though they would do this constantly

  • At 5 AM I'd hear my neighbors fight and scream alot my sister almost called the police cuz it sounded as if someone was getting murdered

  • Oh hell nah if I herd that it move to Africa

  • W

  • When two idiots love each other very much...

  • Why..... just why you will attract perverts stop it plz just stop it😓😓😭😭😭

  • Once when I was 8, please remember I knew much more than I should’ve about babies and how they were made, I was staying at my uncles flat with my cousin and it was midnight and me and my cousin were on her phone watching HRwiki, yknow try not to laugh and stuff, and upstairs we start hearing a steady banging sound. My cousin looked up at the ceiling in shock and said “not again” suggesting they had done it before. And I asked “what’s happening” and she knew I knew more then I should’ve and said “they’re” and my face went from: :| to :0. It was getting my louder and quicker. And me and my cousin just start laughing and we couldn’t breathe, my uncle stopped playing cod bc he could hear us laughing over *it*. And came in, and saw me and my cousin on the bed, rolling about, almost dead. And he said “are you ok?” And my cousin goes, “yes! It’s just too funny!!” And he starts laughing aswell

  • Wait your allowed to say hell but not sh*t

  • Uh just now while watching this Mt cat jumped up on the counter and stole my chicken also love your vids! ❤

  • something similar happened to me recently except i was the screaming teenager as a hormonal, sad piece of flesh and my brother was being a high and mighty jerk acting like he was my damn dad. my parents were out so i ended up screaming at one point out of frustration and i heard the neighbours yell, so i apologised after my brother finally left me alone and two more neighbours came to the front door thinking i was being abused based on how i was screaming. i was crying, but everything was purely verbal. fun times. we were also in the middle of nowhere

  • 0:20 Kit looks like Jaiden but with glasses

  • I just noticed your house number is 420

  • "And if you're here for more of the refined chaos" Me: Im just here for the video!