My thoughts on CATS

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Kol 2020.
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- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
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    • @makaiyla the other flag is the asexual flag

    • wait are not complaining im confuesd

    • @Lennon Young she said that like 5 months ago

    • @makaiyla she is

    • I want it

  • 0:55 is so catchy for no reason thanks for getting it stuck in my head 😂

  • i love the original Broadway musical betty buckley is the best grizzabella the glamor cat

  • 4:06 someone, please EXPLAIN WHY THIS IS HERE?

  • i was in love with illu but i disliked this video

  • Me and my friend (we where 7) went to see cats and both fell asleep in the middle of it. Forcing our moms to watch it

  • I love the musical but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the movie...

  • Oh you mean the movie

  • my sister performed CATS and she was the white cat. i can tell you that a bunch of 11-19 year olds acting like cats and singing dancing and whatnot is amazing

  • i onec fort a cat for a tin of tunner

  • Hi I'm 11 and I like your videos

  • I'm a cat person and I do not like this film

  • Dogs are better

  • That theory is made by someone called MatPat.

  • Did you know that there is a theory about this movie?

  • “You’re either a cat person..or you’re not.” Me, who loves cats but is allergic: *visible confusion*

  • Cats is about a cult watch the film theory vid

  • the 100 million was clearly spent on crack cocaine for the creators

  • Number 15 Kurger Bing foot cat Do you want some feet to step on you cats dvd at Kurger bing?

  • i think dogs are better bc they dont scratch

  • M e o w

  • Ya know why didn’t they do what they did with Peter Rabbit movie and used CGI to not use weird humans as cats and make it the actual animal? I love cats a lot but the musical movie was absolute trash to me...

  • Mat pat said its a cult

  • Doritos- nah doodootos yah

  • I saw cats 2019 in theaters. No regerts.

  • I mean, I have three cats and love them very much, but I hate the movie so much, oh my god... Still a good video!

  • i love the original but haven't seen the new movie.

  • I actually thought that cats was ok because well yea it sucks @$$ but let’s be real here it’s not that bad but it’s very wired

  • caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! srry i love caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat some budy plz stop caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat me

  • Yes please do other musical reviews!!! Mama mia would be great but do others too please!!!

  • Now everyone is gonna post hate comments. *sorry illy.*

  • 1:07 who read that article in the stranges little-

  • I have 3 cats!

  • 0:55 just keeping the best time stamp, J A S O N D E R U L O

  • Love the king science cameo, sorta

  • Omg illy! Your ace pan! Go girl!

  • wait. Is no one else going to mention the asexual panromantic flag? No? I can’t tell if Illy is coming out or if I’m imagining things and it’s about the movie or something. I think it’s the former but THIS IS HRwiki SO WHO KNOWS?!? (Side note, if it’s the former I love and support you!)

  • Hi there, I have seen Cats the Live Musical stage play, I really enjoyed it, it was indeed amazing, I really loved the actors who played the cats, each one was so unique and special. I absolutely love it. Thankyou so much for the video. 😊😊😻😻

  • When she said she was defending Cats I thought she meant the Broadway production not the 2019 movie-

  • the cats musical DOES have a plot, it's just not done in the way it's usually expected to be, and it behaves is a very subtle and specific way (i can't remember the term but just.. the plot exists okay it's just not very obvious-)

  • Me when I see this video: nuuuuuuu CATS is my fav

  • Ok I wouldn’t say I like the movie I just really liked the dancing and singing that’s all

  • The original is one of my favourite musicals but I'm to scared to watch the new movie. it is creepy lookin' 😅

  • Cats is ok

  • That movie was HORRIBLE

  • Back in 1996 my parents took my grandparents to London (UK) for my grandparents 51st wedding anniversary and I taged along since my gran was terrified from travelling to the UK (this was the woman who took us on a 4 hour yacht trip to through our homeport each year, but was afraid of a 90 minute ferry trip). On our second night we had frontrow seats at the performance of Cats. And for those who never witnessed the musical live, part of the sets rotates with the frontrow moving along. Also there was circular hole in the stage in front of us and we joked before the show a cat would come out; and when the show began one of the perfomers did come and crawled on the stage and we had to hold in our laughter

  • JaSoN dERulO! Your new boyfriend by Wilbur Soot?

  • I love cats but I’m allergic to them

  • I don’t like cats but I love the video ty illy

  • Why stuff a cat in a bag throw it on the ground. And then leave like nothing ever happened. The hate for cats (And I mean the animal!) has gone too far.

  • When I saw your pan/ace flag, it made me so happy. It’s nice to see representation in HRwiki videos. Keep it up!

  • 4:07 OMG

  • Me: *looks at title* Also me: Well you have two soo I think u love dem Teacher: don’t watch the musical cats Me: 😐😅

  • Thoughts on HAMILTON?

  • With the animal crossing vid and this one your making it real hard to not think you a furry

  • JaSoN dErUlO~

  • Ew

  • "Where did you spend $100 million cuz I just don't see it, buddy!" Did you not see Taylor Swift?

  • as soon as I saw the cat in the thumbnail i clicked on it faster than u can say kitty litter

  • I though this was about actual cats… Now I’m traumatized

  • I have several things I'd like to say. 1) If the movie was so bad and everyone hated it so much, why did so many people see it? 2) If the play was so bad and everyone hated it so much, why was it the longest running show on Broadway for all those years? 3) I've shown Cats (2019) to several people, and they all end up liking it, so... 4) The original Cats also has a plot, they just made the existing plot make more sense. 5) Victoria, as a character, seemingly only exists in the play to get felt up and passed around by the male cast. It's gross, and I'm glad they gave her a story and her own song, WHICH 6) Is gorgeous. Beautiful Ghosts is a pretty song, and people seem to like it until they learn its from Cats. In short, I think Cats, both the musical and the movie, are like Nickleback. People love to rip on Nickleback and talk about how terrible they are, but they're one of the best selling rock acts in US history. When I'm feeling ungenerous, I say this is because we live in a nation of cowards. A gentler way to say it is that it's okay to like bad things. It's okay to like Cats: The Musical. I saw the VHS of the stage play about a hundred times when I was 12, because it made me feel like I was immersed in a secret world and it also made me feel very sophisticated. That sophistication really showed in my very cosmopolitan Cats inspired trampoline tricks. I have seen the movie several times, and whatever else you say about it, you can't say it's not compelling. It's a feast for the senses. One of those Ancient Roman feasts with roasted cow udders and animals stuffed inside other animals. Are you horrified? Maybe, but you're also deeply curious, no? Also, if you don't like Skimbles, I don't like you.

  • lilly Uploads this video me is my life a lie

  • 🎶JaSoN DeRuLo🎶

  • Yeah seriously, I hear so many people like "Omg Cats is so good!" And other people who are like "Omg Cats sucks!" And im just like owo

  • That Coraline reference

  • Another theory for the shimbolshanks number is that it was sung by all dancers, so the song is actually in tempo, the other songs used a diffrent method and the tempo is everywhere and you can hear the orchestra struggling to stay with the singers because they are sort of doing their own thing. But with dance you need to stay in time, it's what keeps everything together and not fall apart.

  • Illy: cats is good now prepare for insults to cats name.


  • Why did it get hate I liked it

  • Illysa: [watches Cats] Me: WHAT???? YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THAT!!!!

  • i saw the cats play and it was amazing- i had no idea whatsoever was happening half the time, *but it was great*

  • When you find out one of your favorite HRwikirs is also asexual

  • You like the dump truck?

  • Thing is they made the cats so small- not all cats are that small :T

  • ngl with my 10 year old mind I thought it was cats singing

  • I can so agree. My highschool did a performance of CATS and it was soooo fun to do, the live onstage presence was great to create

  • I watched cats the musical when I was really little and I remember being so confused and amazed that I couldn't move and just consumed the whole thing. I didn't understand a thing that was going on it was like constant nonsense. There was no plot there was no structure. It felt like it was all improv. But I did really like it and I am disappointed in the movie :).

  • I appreciate your opinion. But, what THE FU

  • Art (whether it be pictures, stories, music, video games, etc) is a completely subjective matter. If you like Cats (as a play, as a film, or both), great! If you don’t, fantastic! That’s the beauty of subjective concepts. There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s based entirely on your opinion.

  • Who else didn't know who jason derulo was until they heard your new boyfriend

  • the movie wasn't bad per say......i just didn't like changes

  • Sorry but I'm not a catfish and I'm actually a dog person I hope this does not offend you but I still like cats and I can't between Judy or Luigi is my favorite cat

  • I'm a legit cat person and this movie was the worst

  • Me: looking up jellecle cats Ummm did I spell that correctly?

  • Why did a pan ace flag just *r o l l* across the screen randomly??


  • The ceaseless frog amazingly refuse because bra inadvertently hum sans a useful toenail. meaty, distinct bladder

  • I like cats but the movie scared me

  • illymation: Cat's isn't that bad MatPat: The jellicle cat's are a cult

  • I genuinely like the stage show. That is all the good I have to say

  • IT BAD

  • I haven’t watched the movie and I’m down for spoilers so~ Edit: Holy sheet wth is this movie.

  • They should have just made a warrior cats movie. you'l know what that is if u read the books.

  • Honestly this isn’t my favorite movie adaptation of a musical, but let me tell you when Jennifer Hudson (who was Grizabella) started singing “Memory” I legit started to bawl, something I have never done during the stage version or anything like it.

  • I feel like every theatre student is shunned when they have any interest in watching Cats. And that’s why I’ve never seen it, because peer pressure influences are a b**ch

  • thank god I'm not the only one who liked cats

  • I love cats (the animals) and dogs the same-

  • wait people acctually like the cats (movie)?!

  • 2:53 this is a coroline reference lol

  • I love the mewo on the cuss words