My summer as an after school teacher

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Pro 2020.
▶ kids are like wise old prophets... who eat food off the floor
▶ BG ARTIST: Ingrid Umbach
▶ AUDIO EDITOR: Hazel TwinkleParks
▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - background art / thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC - to edit and compile
#illymation #almostanadult


  • happy holidays everyone ^^ thanks for making my 2020 not so bad. i look forward to making videos and talking to you guys in the comment section :') i also wanna spotlight my awesome team - Ingrid (username iumba) does the BG art and picks all those anime references you guys love!! a new member to the team is AbnormalChaos, she's known for animation over on tiktok! And Hazel, my audio editor, she makes really cool music you can see on her twitter (her username is afewbruises). and Zade!! Zade makes my endcards now and does really funny editing. He's RealZade over on twitter :)

    • i live in a houshold that hates boocks premots self loathing tell u to hide ur feelings and basicly tell u that ur not good enogh and never wil be but theyres 1 teacher (my form and english teacher) helped me and listened to me instead of finding somethng to falt me on listened to me and told me its ok im here for u and that is amazing bc iv never had that

    • God it's 2021

    • Ummm pls don’t put me in time out I just played the hunger games with my toys...I’m friggin 9

    • is it weird that the Delaney scene has been stuck in my head since the video came out? 😂

    • An R2-D2 47. I'm dead XD

  • 7:12 lol noooo Yeahhhh Nooooo Yahhhhh

  • 5:16 you are correct

  • I know some who looks similar to this Devin character, named Devin, and the Beau character looks like something I know.

  • 1:55 i want that hawks pelushie

  • My brothers loved guns when they were in kindergarten

  • i have a confession. when my mom used to make me pbj sandwiches. i.. i... I OPENED UP THE SANDWICH AND PUT MORE JELLY IN IT BECAUSE I LOVED SUGER!!! im sorryyyyyy😭

  • I feel like most little kids have the idea that you’re not an adult until your turn 20.

  • Are we just gonna ignore Luigi’s dancing?

  • The way Luigi was dancing 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • 44 videos in 3 years

  • Anyone notice the hawks plushy Naruto plushy in assassin classroom plushy on the shelves

  • I've bee. Looking for u

  • *Phew phew*

  • 5:00 I just noticed the all might thing LOL-

  • This reminds me of my teacher. Mrs.Sunny..I want to go back to 3rd grade :(.

  • 1:08 koro-Sensei and nagisa

  • dailany is literally the cutest child ever-

  • You technically are and adult since you were older than 18

  • Was Karen raised in America?

  • me: *watched this 300 times* me again: memorized all the lines

  • Oh if I were in your shoes, that Karen would’ve gotten a beat down in that argument

  • Okay, now I can relate to this I die a bit inside everytime.

  • Wait a minute- in the back there is anime! :0

  • 3:40 the amaazing

  • *Thank you for the little My Hero Academia, Haiykuu, Naruto, and assassination Classroom toys in the background* 0:49 👍

  • 0:17 shut up befor i make you a basterd skele

  • I remember being 10, buying a balaclava, and pretending to be a terrorist.

  • *Slowly puts watergun away*

  • did anyone see hawks in the background -

  • o

  • Kirishima plush, Hawks plush and All Might plush *not me fangirling for My Hero Academia*


  • I love the hidden character children

  • and Naruto

  • She Has Attack on titan and demon slayer stickers on the back of her computer monitor YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS

  • me when i got timeout when i was 6: HAHA YOU FOOL! NOW I DONT HAVE TO DO SCHOOLWORK

  • Bo probably got smacked in the teo

  • R2D2+AK47= R2D2-47

  • I am only at 1:53 and i have seen sooooo many anime references

  • My goodness the Pokémon wall was amazing!

  • Ok I will only us real guns

  • 5:14 Here comes Karen

  • Why does that sound like me 2 years ago?

  • R/thathappened

  • “Illymail” me: :-|

  • 5:07 my hero All might 4:57 anime characters

  • I love all the anime references in this video

  • da kids should have called u miss lis

  • I love the part when you said MAMA THIS IA A CHILD like lol

  • Dayummmmm y’all where hella mean to that little dude I don’t like that let him play guns

  • So Boe Is basically me

  • Me oofd

  • There were more anime references in this animation then atoms in my hand... good job Illy :D

  • I love all of the anime stuff in this 😂

  • Bo looks like me and plays like me

  • I played pretend guns😈 What’re ya gonna do about it? Put me in time out?

  • fat fat money fat cat money faty caty

  • Don't worry. Ill play with real guns

  • My parents are pro gun and wouldn’t let me play pretend gun when I was little so....yeah

  • Love your Chanel!

  • My name is bou but it’s pronounced beau in my name

  • How Much Anime Dolls Did I See

  • Pew pew

  • nobody gonna talk about all the assassination classroom references?

  • oh I know about playing with guns is bad I did do it one time buttttt not all the time and know I don’t do it eney more

  • Bro there’s a five-year-old that plays guns constantly and also they kick people and throw sand and rocks at people

  • I'm scared of this kid when he goes to high school

  • The toys were PURE anime

  • Wait did you work at forthill

  • the boy in the last story is literally pico ._.

  • Love the anime references, you were right to not let that kid violently play pretend with "water guns"

  • If Devin stomped into the room and did not even grab a Cheez-It and that's how you know that he's mad

  • if your an 8 year old youll know its horrible to work with babys

  • You like My hero academia right?

  • People like Karen created COVID to make the world worse

  • this is 100% dam cute

  • 1:21 I see your Karasuno 'Fly' picture 😏

  • *Luigi dancing in the background*

  • Nobody saw the hawks andthe naruto dolls in the backgroung on the shelves 3:13

  • illy : kids aren't that bad me : BRUH illy I am a kid!

  • I was a pretty smart kid in grade 1 so if she came to my classroom and said that I would say it's commonsense do you want your child or every children in this class to be those stupid teens who plays with guns or other illegal stuff but yeah do anything you want (hey Michelle do you want to play tag) actually everyone in my class was smart so everybody will say BRUH

  • Global isn’t really the world has been doing this for year

  • Bow? Bo? Beau? How do you spell his name?

  • So play with real guns

  • I have a soon-to-be-3 year old little brother who pretend plays with guns a lot After watching this video I feel concerned

  • Bo’s mom is a Karen

  • there is a lot of assassination classroom references in this

  • "Pew pew." I DON'T GIVE A fAk ABOUT THE GANS!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAH! ~ Aiden Q. 6 yrs old.

  • luigi

  • You inspired me to do swim team and one of your videosSo I’m gonna try out swim team because of you and I just want to say thanks

  • Hola soy Dora

  • *grabs block cutely* that’s it I’m becoming a pre-k to k teacher I need this

  • Who else saw the Karasuno banner? In the background?!?!

  • 😂The cat was dancing 😂

  • Luigi get it I guess

  • 0:49 ”Wow this classroom is so cut- *wait is that an assassination classroom plushie* “

  • I love how luigi dances :D

  • School but worse XD

  • A Disneyland don’t know the actual name other than goofy chipmunk Mickey toy that’s copyrighted yeah