My First Trip to Japan

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Ožu 2019.
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  • F in the chat for kidi

  • 8:15 good thing it isn't 9/11 on new year's eve.

  • 4:45 weeb spy main to the rescue. Ilyssa huh? You have a pretty name. So how's your Japanese, is it good?

  • At 4:45 if you have on the English subtitles it says “Yah-tchi Dana Midas yeah door Genki Muhammed or die” which I doubt is correct but is very funny

  • illy looks like someone I know. I just can't remember who

  • Watching this video again and I went through a similar experience. My dad and I went to New Zealand on a cruise in October 2019 (before the world went to shit) and my cat Fionna (11 years old) was staying in a Kitty Kennel back in Canada. Earlier in the year, she had developed a tumour and I felt awful leaving her behind (I thought she would be okay because she had stayed there before and we had already had the trip booked/planned for a year and a half). On my last excursion day and waiting for the tour boat (two more days at sea before we flew home), I managed to get some wifi to check Facebook and check messages, I received a Messenger ping from my boss, saying that Fionna had to be rushed to the vet because she couldn't keep food down or even sit up. She had to rush from the pet store I work at and rush her to the vet, where they determined that the pain was too much and that she had to be put down. So, I sat there reading my message to my dad and ran out of the building to cry and even made myself sick on the last tour and barely spoke to anyone for the next two days. Long story short, my baby had to cross the Rainbow Bridge without me (my boss stayed with her while the vet treated her), my boss is awesome for letting me know and I will never use that cat kennel again since they didn't contact me AT ALL (well just to say that 'older, sick cats can go downhill quickly in a stressful setting' and didn't even follow up with condolences about her passing and I didn't even get the phone message until I landed back in Canada!!!!) and they knew I was out of the country.

  • Oh wow I’m crying about a HRwikirs cat and my mom is panicking because she doesn’t know why the heck I’m crying

  • What Prefecture did you went to during the trip illymation?

  • hey you copied the title from jaiden animations copycattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt which was my first trip to japan was like copycatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • What happened to your cat is EXACTLY what happened to my dog dozer I guess since he was a strong dog he had problems and didnt show it One day he just couldnt even get up April 9th 2021 we said bye to him and left the hospital

  • I know what you feel my dog got on a u.p.s and was took 15 miles from my house and dropped of on new year’s


  • man having a pet die SUCKES i hope your ok

  • F

  • sorry for your loss

  • my brother have alot of cat and my brother gave me 2 cat and youngest cat die by falling and then i got another one and it die to and mylast cat die to and my dad fiend gave me cat and IN ONE DAY THE CAT RUN AWAY so i got another one

  • Let’s take a moment of silence for Cheeto 😔🐈

  • I can relate a couple weeks ago we had to put down our dog. You are not alone.

    • Sorry for your loss, I hope you can still have a good time.

  • I hope you didn't get radiation poisoning. A couple really dirty nukes were dropped there.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is said for all of us when our pets die.

  • 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • I feel her I had the same experience with a cat

  • I’m sorry for your loss

  • Im trying to learn Japanese so i watched this video. I didnt leatn anything but it was a emotional video

  • I understand you. Once I was coming back from a vacation and my mom, sister, and I were going to go in a Home Depot. My dad had stayed home, to watch over our cat, Melvin. We were away on vacation on the week prior and my friend was going to take care of the cat while we were gone. During the vacation a mattress fell on the cat and he was trapped under there until our friend came the next day. She phoned us immediately, and when we got home he wasn’t eating well and so my dad decided to stay home for the next couple days. When we were going to go into the Home Depot, my mom then and there told us “sorry girls, but Melvin passed away.” I broke down in the parking lot, and I was only 9. It’s hard loosing a pet and I’ve had it happen to me a lot of times, especially because I foster cats. I understand you and everyone who has ever lost a loved one. It’s okay to grieve and it helps a little actually. To everyone out there, things happen, but just don’t forget the memories, good or bad, that have happened. :)

  • F

  • If my lil kitty died it would be sad but i...feel your pain😪😭

  • I'm rewatching this for the second time and... I've lost a cat before, but I was 6 so I didn't really had the concept of death back then. But about a month ago, my semi-feral cat, Misty, whom had arrived shortly after I got my second cat, had to be put down because of kidney failure, too. I was devastated because I had to make the decision to put her down but I had a hard time bringing myself to. But I decided it was time to let her go and we buried her were she grew up and lived, in the garden behind my pond. I try to change the flowers as often as I can and I'm planning on planting a tree there so I can remember the spot where she's buried. I know it's been two years since this video came out but I'm still sending you lots of love and support. I hope Misty and Cheeto are both having fun together in heaven :)

  • Aww poor cheeto :(


  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Illy.

  • We Jews have a saying גם זה יעבור Meaning "this too shall pass". I remember it in times of sadness.

  • NOOOOO Chito!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know your pain. I had a cat named Saskia (we called her Sassy for short) died a few years ago due to heart problems. I’m so sorry😞.

  • I L L y. ILLY I Love Luigi

  • F for cheeto r.i.p

  • We will miss u cheeto 😭😭😭


  • Poor cheedo well I don’t know if you believe in heaven but I do and I know cheedo is the having fun just think about that

  • 4:17 Nani????

  • thank you illy i’m ✨crying✨

  • こんいちわ

  • I love the part at 6:39 "While we were looking for more blankets in the closet, Chirs found his middle school sports jacket and some socks! And I took them and then I made a nest on the top bunk."

  • Prayers and respect to chetoo

  • rest in peace Cheeto 🧡💐

  • 2 years later and that animation of Cheeto still gets me teary-eyed

  • I saw all the Cheeto the cat drawings all over. Illy won’t see this but I’m sorry for your cat

  • Rest in piece chitto

  • I am sorry

  • 6:46

  • Anyone realise how vs called him Chris and then she called him Nick and then Chris??

  • South koria

  • I was born in South coria

  • F for Cheeto

  • I know EXACTLY WHAT UR GOING THROUGH. my cat Emi died while I was away in a different state, and she was only 6. She had liver failure and was also suffering in silence and she was not eating and hiding a lot. She was also very talkative but the people who were taking care of her said that she was being quite. I couldn’t process it, and I’m not sure I still have, but I just want to let u know I know what your going through.

  • Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad😥😥😥😥😓😥😥😥😥

  • I know how losing a pet feels like, I had a really nice dog and he saved me from another dog, I miss him.😭

  • My cat had hart cancer 😔

  • I know the feeling of losing a pet like that. Last November (or early December I can’t remember all I know is it was the same night as the Disney Christmas special), we found out that my cat who I’ve had since I was 1 had liver failure. We’re thinking it was caused by cancer, but we are not sure. I wasn’t super close to her, but earlier that same night she curled up on my lap. It honestly still brings me to tears because they shouldn’t be suffering longer than the have too.

  • My family had a cat for 10 years. She was a stunning calico named Spooky. Back in 2019 we got a dog. She was a miniature rat terrier named Bailey. Bailey loved Spooky, but Spooky didn't return the love. She started getting stressed out, and she started over eating. We took too long to realize the problem. Cats like to hide it when they are stressed or sick. We finally saw that something was up, and we took her to the vet. Spooky had diabetes. We tried fighting it for a while, but we don't make all that much money, and medication for this kind of thing isn't cheap, plus she started developing arthritis. We decided to put her down. She had gotten to the point where any treatment would only prolong her suffering. So in November of last year we put Spooky down. It's the craziest thing to see an animal every day for ten years, then they're just gone. We still have Bailey to give us company though. She could tell how sad we were when we got home from the vet. She was trying to comfort us. Dogs know things about you.

  • 7:37 I love these things, I used to have them all the time when me and my family when to farmers market back in Los Angeles

  • It’s alright! My dog and hamster died too

  • 3:07 omg I am actually crying 😿

  • Awwww he said your name is beautiful :3

  • at least she wasn't in north korea

  • RIP cheeto

  • My dog had to be put down so please like this 😔😢

  • cheeto noooooooooo I love all cats and when any cat dies it literally DESTORYS me.

  • R.I.P cheeto

  • i know im seeing this late and i just heard of your channle today but i feel you we had to put roudy down when i was youngand i was devastated i hope cheeto is still with you watching over you proud of its good life with you

  • is Chris a friend or boyfriend?

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noooo not Cheeto

  • rip cheeto


  • F

  • I am sad for Cheeto

  • When I heard that your cat was put down I almost cried RIP Cheeto

  • I'm sorry for your loss

  • noooo cheeto

  • Now i know more about my fathers trip back then when i wasnt born yet

  • R.I.P Cheeto

  • I’m sorry for what you done lost 😞


  • I’m three years late but this was a really good story and I’m sorry about your cat dying, But I am glad that you had a warm experience in Japan. Thank you for posting your video.

  • go to 4:47 and hav subs

  • Me crying because cheeto then feeling guilty that I'm eating cheetos

  • I lived in Japan Before No joke I remember one time there was a parade i joined with my Korean Grandma She was Born in Korea But lived in Japan Now I live in-

  • A love your videos

  • We call it Christmas Eve eve too!

  • Sarah is a Samoyedooooo

  • poor Cheeto as a person who lost his pet cats i understand this

  • 4:40 lol 😂 put on captions at like 4:38

  • Oh my gosh it’s just so sadddd throughout the whole video there were hidden ginger cats

  • Illy: I don’t speak Japanese Also Illy: spoke that in *Japanese*

  • r.i.p. cheeto

  • I like frogs


  • R.I.P. Cheeto Ilyssa’s cat 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sorry I’m really sensitive to pets dying and stuff :(