My Animal Crossing Obsession

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Vel 2020.
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▶ BG ARTIST: Ingrid Umbach
▶ SOUND EDITOR: Hannah Moroz
▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - background art / thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC - to edit and compile
- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • who was your fave character? :0 🍎🍐🍑🍒🍊

  • If you say may or may not have watched all 12 episodes in 1 sitting means you obviously did it

  • Not gonna lie I died laughing at Let's Go Trubbish 😂

  • Did anybody notice this joke "you and I are souls are intertwined in this WILD WORLD among these CITY FOLK and as long as you will have me i will never LEAF you for somebody new

  • i no the anime

  • 🎵And just for a second, you’re looking at me making feel like maybe you want this too. Give me your attention🎶

  • 4:00 what is this beastiality

  • So did you get new horizons and if you did was biscuit there 😃

  • I like étoile and cookie

  • illy x biscuit whatttttttt

  • first of all I'm kid btw tom nook I's soooooooo funny

  • Does crunchyroll have pokemon?

  • Tom cover up your nooks no one wants to see them

  • My fav villager is molly

  • I love tpn so much but s2 is just a pp presentation that was supposed to be s3 :(((

  • I have a animal crossing obsession

  • The only two ships that I will ever care about is shrek x farqaaud and illy x biskit 😍❤️

  • Belle delphine: NO, I HAVE MORE SIMPS! Pokimane: NO, I DO! Biskit: *ameturs*

  • Did you get Biskit in New Horizons?

  • We need an update. We all need to know if Biscuit is on your island


  • Illy I loved the promised Neverland the second season is out and I watched it it's so good and the end makes me cry


  • Animal Crossing is amazing I can't stop playing 😭

  • What's the name of the song for biscuit.

  • What was the song that was played when bisket was on the screen

  • I've watched promised neverland and my friends rp as the characters my friend dies in the first episode lol

  • zipper t bunny is here

  • Off topic but dang was the promised neverland fun watch

  • Hehe my village was named soup

  • I- Biskit just said he wanted to move off my island I said yeah. .-.

  • norman x emma = complete shit.

  • Don't worry, it's natural 🙃


  • I love the promise of Neverland

  • Yeah I have ACNH and I'm kind of obsessed XD

  • But like, how did she play a 3ds game on a pink ds?

  • Omg I love the the promise neverland also nice video illy also nice weird languages you got animal crossing characters you to biskit I did not expect biskit to be creepy

  • So I'm guessing you have the Bisket Amibo cards.

  • The dog has a gf

  • I mean tpn

  • I love ton

  • What was that song with Biscuit

  • there is more of the promised neverland now incase you didn't already know.

  • I love the promised neverland

  • all the animators are getting addicted to ainmal crossing lmao

  • "I will never leave you for somone new." Also Illy: Proceeds to leave him and get somone new

  • Oh mah gosh 👁👄👁 yee

  • Me who recently got into Animal Crossing: Please tell me your ways of how to play, since I know only a few things

  • Can we get a love sory movie called loveing biskets

  • Epic

  • Biscuit + illy equals bissal

  • 6:33 is so funny

  • Elisah saying not to reset Me resetting while she says that

  • did you get biskit back

  • emma norman ray

  • Hey, Illy if u heard there is season 2 of The Promised NeverLand and wanna watch season 2. Then u can find it on Hulu! I hope this was helpful! (if its on crunchy roll then I have failed to be helpful .-.)

  • "When I'm not playing anime crossing, my favorite thing to do is hang out on the couch and watch my favorite TV show" Me: When I'm not playing anime crossing, my favorite thing to do is hang out on the couch and watching illymation and when I already watched all of illymations videos I watch it all over again and this is exactly why I'm here 1 year later

  • I feel empty playing sometimes :(

  • you think "new york" was a bad name? I was so young at the time that when Rover asked where I was heading, I said, and I QUOTE: *vacation* I was stuck with a town named vacation. And the best thing is, even in New Leaf and New Horizons, I KEPT the name!! Ah, nostalgia.

  • Oh no GingerPales taxes are overdue

  • I also watched the entire 12 episodes of the promised neverland in one sitting phenomenal anime

  • I have officially gotten biskit on my ACNH island : )

  • I am low-key offended that you treated Nan like that illy,

  • Stop fangirling over a dog

  • illskit $hip name

  • My fav anmie show is lil witch Ademia

  • Who falls in love with an orange dog with green striped ears?

    • Illy

  • Now I Want To Write A Fan Fiction Of You And Biskit

  • If you didn’t post this then I wouldn’t have become an animal crossing obsessed monster

  • I started ac on the first game aka the first game I 100% every game even acnh

  • I wasn’t into anime at the time and I look back at this video, and recognized the anime you were watching straight away! THE PROMISED NEVER LAND! LET’S GOOO! Season two is out so yeah, it’s a pretty bad season...

  • I’m getting animal crossing for my switch lite and this video is probably the main reason ima be hooked. CANT WAIT

  • the moment when you know that you can never watch some of the anime on crunchyroll because they didnt avvaible in your country and you dont have a vpn


  • I watch my Anime on Anime Dao. The Promised Neverland is so Good

  • Captions: I'm nuke Reality: I'm tom nook

  • D o g

  • Even tho I searched up who is the ugliest villager ( AKA ITS BISKIT) but if biskit comes to my island IM KEEPING HIM

  • the only problem about crunchyroll is no; dragonball, dragonball z, or any other dragon ball series except super.

  • 0:08 i like your taste

  • I wish I'd named my island after an ATLA town, but I was too drawn to naming it "Cult Base" and demoted my every second in game to hitting the ugly villagers with a bug net.

  • I would make this same video but with hypixel


  • I just got this game because of you tysm

  • Everyone who has animal Crossing has at least that one villager that they have a crush on

  • the promis neferland

  • I need to know did you find biskit

  • Me playing animal crossing while watching

  • Try watching atla

  • The *crisp* anime the *fresh* anime

  • The promised neverland :D

  • i invited 2 villagers on my island and had 3 spots and someone moved in and i walked into this villagers house and it was Biskit :000

  • Biskit

  • OH MY FRECKING GOD ThE PrOmIsE Wunderland

  • I feel the exact same about u and visit but for me it's goldie

  • Symptom of Deleting your Animal Crossing town: Post-Animal Crossing Town Deletion Depression

  • I love your videos so much I am 7 1/2 so yeah and I like your cats to whoop Luigi Luigi is that the cats name because I can’t spell it that good so yeah is it Ouija or I will beat you because I don’t know and your videos are good I like your cats and do you know Tim Tom or the odd ones out or Jaden animation or Rebecca Param they all make song videos and seven and I’ll watch hi hi school videos because I can my mom asked me now my name is a taxi I’m so yeah I don’t want to tell you any personal information and in formation because I will just tell you like where I live in stuff so now I will not do that love your episodes. Love hitakshi I love you so much.

  • What's the song she uses when she sees biskit

  • 4.05 felt that. i have gaston and i fucking hate tht guy.