Moving On

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  • I’m scrolling down seeing all these story’s and so I thought i would share mine I was in third grade I had a small group of friends we all went to a after school program They called use in and I bumped into J the main guy and he stumbled over .a few minutes later A guy walks over and is like (is it true) what (J told me you spilled a really bad secret about Him ) When I asked him what that was about he just kind of mumbled something like (idk it just happened it happened don’t you Remember) . I have never told a secret nothing close to it nothing about J what he had said wasent true . One day much much after that happened he started say things to use stuff about I’ll call him C he said C had been Telling him things mean things about use J was up to his usual ling but I didn’t know that .I asked C about but he declined And the next day J pulled use all into the basket ball cort C was crying his eyes out sitting on the flour and on the other side of The cort was J and his friends S And E I asked what was happening and J said he is mean and I don’t know why I was ever friends With C he’s a big lier and he’s a bully . C was one of my good friends I didn’t want to leave him . Then I here it’s me or him 3 or 1 make your dishin now I said I didn’t know it’s easy J said me I need more time I said fine J said tomorrow that’s it and then he walked away I ended up saying I will hang out with both J was mad and Copland a lot What broke the straw was when he Cepet saying my breath smelt bad and would run away and yell out stink breath he would do this A lot and when I didn’t chase after him he would say why are you engorging me and tell me that was mean and rude He also would tell lies like I said swares then one day C found out and like a angle from heaven he stood up to J I was crying cus I didn’t know what I would do next J said his parents hated me and that they don’t want him to talk to me and Es parent said the same (what he said was’nt the truth) After I assume would be a argument with J about not saying things like that to me C came over and sat next to me and we talked I never herd anything from J ever again And I have better friends now C and I don’t talk that much anymore but I’m still thankful for what he did thank you for reading this I’m glad to get this of my chest

    • I left out a lot but it would be to long so maybe One day I’ll make a animation. 🙂

  • I actually really want to talk to Illy about my relantionship. But I'm so afraid to type it here and I have no idea how to DM her.

  • Noooo not Kati. 💀

  • Me who's always on edge around people Well screw humanity I guess

  • Not posting the comment here either

  • #10:13

  • Oof, working with Katie didnt age well

  • That question about missing them... I hate myself for it and I genuinely loved my toxic ex boyfriend who really just r*ped me whenever he could. And I justified it and I cried over him when my best friend broke us up. I felt guilty for missing him and loving him... I still sometimes miss him even as I am now in a relationship with someone who I love very much and actually treats me well

  • I have a girl that makes me gave her money 💰

  • Thank you so much for making these videos.

  • Thank you for actually speaking up about this most people who go through abuse who had it at a young age stay quiet and she'll actually correct nobody believes us because there's no marks or bruises my time has been up for a while but I did speak up about the last time I got abused

  • The thing of “don’t confront them” and I remembered times when my friend would interject and then he would tell me that they are manipulating me and he’s the only one I can trust. :/

  • Okay I support this and everything about you, but as soon as I saw Kati Morton, I have to respectfully walk away from the video. Even though it comes from a good place and I have been through the same things, I can’t support Kati as a content creator

  • You look like you're 20. How seriously abused were you 6 years ago?

  • I'm so sorry

  • 5:00 I basically had to do this. My parents had to pack a tiny carry on suitcase and I left without telling id never see him again to a foreign country. I had to move half way across the world to escape him. 2 years later im not over it exactly but im the happiest ive ever been

    • Hey just checking in to see if you're still OK, proud of you for being able to get out of it

  • I love your channel you are amazing!

  • My parents will always be my safe people to go to. Even though they grew up in strict Christian households, they found a way to open their eyes, and keep open minds. I'll ask; "Mom, if I liked a girl, would you still love me?" Always, she'll say; "I love you no matter what." I'll ask my dad; "If I changed my gender identity, would you still love me?" Always, always; "I love you no matter what." There's always going to be someone. If you don't have them in your life right now, you will find them later. I know, if you're going through something tough, you hear the same words all the time, but trust me; hear them, and believe in them. It'll always get better.

  • Those 17 minutes went by so fast. I could listen to you guys all day, thank you

  • Good video, bad thing Kati Morton is a horrible person

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  • Is this the fake psychologist weirdo who did that scamming clickbait with shane dawson?


  • honesly i was a very toxic person and this is really hard to say i have grown out of it because i just dont like to e near people but because i hade people throwing their garbige onto me i became toxic and hurt the people close to me how should i atoune

  • Who's here for the reasonable and helpful video? I'm here for the reasonable and helpful video! Okay but seriously, a lot of people would need this. Thank you so. so much for this!

  • I have been mentally abused by this girl in the kinder garden she took a huge toll on my mental health and it’s hurt so much to get over it but this video made it a little easier to move on from what she did thank you illy and the therapist I’m sorry I forgot your name. :(

  • I'm not in a romantic relationship, but my younger sister keeps touching me without my consent, and I keep telling her to stop and it gives me anxiety. I end up getting impulsive and starting to hit her to leave me alone but she doesn't. I know she's a kid but ugh, God I hate her so much, being around her, her touching me, she just makes me uncomfortable and I don't even know why. It could be because that she pulled a kitchen knife on me and my brother two times but that was about a year or two ago. I feel ashamed and like a bad sister and I see how many people are going through worse things in the comments and I know I'm a toxic person, I'm trying to change. It's just that I can't process emotions easy and they end up coming out as rage. You see how they say you either fight or flight, I usually fight. And I hate that cause I end up regretting it so much.

    • I don't have any advice for you, but I thought that I would let you know that little kids can be way too touchy-feely, and that bothering you doesn't make you toxic. My little sister is like that, so I feel you. The crazy thing, is that kids don't realize what they are doing. Their prefrontal cortex isn't developed, so they can't see the consequences of their actions, or why it would bother you. Luckily, kids grow out of it pretty quickly. You probably have, but just in case you haven't, I would suggest letting an adult know whenever it happens? Like, just get up and let them know. They can hopefully explain to your sister (in a firm, but kind manner) that it's not okay, and that it bothers you. I hope that she stops sooner than later 💛

  • So she said that your family will be put off by them but the guy who abused me were my parents favorite person I knew they wanted me to MARRY him but I had to leave so I did

  • Don't worry I'll MAKE sure that he never comes BACK He'll get what he deserves to hurting you

  • When I was little I lost lost manny friends as I had communication issues and would say bad things.Sometimes I feel like a am walking on egg shells with my friends as I don’t want it to happen again I spoke to them about it and now I feel more free as they won’t get made if I say bad things as they know I sometimes word things rudely

  • Thanks for talking about this Illy. I am having a hard time getting over a relationship too.. my ex kept on asking me for pictures of me.. and when I said no he kept on asking..and then someone figured out and its over..but it's hard to get over.. ever since that happened I had hard times with depression and anxiety I still to this day have to have therapy and take medicine..

  • Having Kati Morton on your channel might've not been a great idea considering Eugenia Cooney's current state after the video they made together. I'm glad she didn't negatively affect your healing.

    • She has a lot of questionable ethics online. The way she presents herself on her website compared to social media is very different

    • Yeah, when I saw Katie I cringed. She's a pretty rough character. Which is odd, because she seems so nice 😓

  • It's so wierd, seeing illy talk about this because from the outside, she doesn't look like she went through anything and just had a happy life

  • I really should've watched this when it came out, but I'm still glad I'm watching it now

  • illy got the victory royale against haris

  • Area 51 raid? Nah. Harris destruction? HECK YA LET'S GO

  • Could you please put spanish captions? One of my friends is going through something very similar but she doesn't understand English.

  • there are some women who arent so lucky to escape abusers some of them live in fear of their abusers hunting them down and killing them after they get out of jail.

  • "If you don't feel free to be yourself and do what you want to do, that's a red flag." *schools been real quiet*

  • katie is toxic. just look into her interventions with eugene coonie. she's fake and a bad influence when working with shane dawson

  • I’m here for the healing :) Thank you for sharing your story, I know it’s so hard to talk about stuff like this.

  • Привет🌚

  • I just watched this video. And even tho i didnt go through relationship abuse. When she started talking about tthe eggshell thing i started crying.

  • I going through the missing the friendship but then I remember all the bad stuff they have done to me so I get mad and then I draw to get happier repeat until 3 am

  • As someone who went through assault and abuse for 10 years this really has helped me and finally show that I'm not a coward anymore In the future when I have kids of my own I'll show them this video and teach them how to avoid people who'll treat them horribly because I don't want them to go through the same thing I did

    • You never were a coward. You're actually really brave and strong. ❤️

  • Is chaos really the way?....... HECK YEAH IT IS and also being able to explain your feeling and emotions and knowing that the other person that you are talking to understands you

  • 😊

  • Kati so cute :,)

    • @Alex Crazy Art she has also made comments on mental health, suck as call it "creepy", which is extremely unprofessional and disturbing considering she's a therapist

    • Don't be fooled. She's super unprofessional. She actively hindered Eugenia Cooney's recovery and painted those who tried to her as terrible people, despite the fact that they were just following the instructions she gave them.

  • im in one and he blames my cooping self therapy as as a reminder of his ex who went through tourisim

  • I thought I’d gotten over it, but I don’t think I have

  • the worst part about being a victim of abuse is that tumblr wont get mad at you for being "spoiled" anymore notice how i say tumblr not minding you is the worst part

  • I love your vid 😀

  • lo0l

  • Thank you

  • This video (at the time of this comment) has 666k views 😓

  • 666k veiws.. IM HERE FOR THE CHAOS

  • It has taken years to finally accept what he did to me. Verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Gas lighting and manipulation. But I think now, finally, I'm starting to wash that away bit by bit like washing off mud in a stream. Until one day, I'll be clean again.

  • Don't go for the JD's of this world... I won't turn out well

  • im just binge watching every single one of her vids cuz why not? eyyyy

  • Hope ur doing well 😇🥰 love ur videos

  • My best friend is going through something very similar, her life is pure fire right now, Her mom doesn't want to live with her so she has to live with her grandma, Her grandma snaps at the slightest things, One time her grandma slammed her onto the couch and punched her in the stomach just for trying to tell her how she felt. It's still happening and I'm worried sick. She has had multiple suicide thoughts and she is black, so she is extremely afraid of racism as she has had experiences with racist people. We're both about the same age (not saying) And her environment is breaking her. I'm always worried sick.

  • I'm SO GLAD that u made these videos! you helped me aloooooot! I'm so happy that there are people that actually help others. I just wanna that SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! and ilysm

  • Hey I had a question since your Chick-Fil-A video, about what the best way would be to encourage a person to take actions against people who mistreat them, such as reporting workplace offenders to the boss, without coming off as accusatory or implying they're invalid if they don't?

  • 😐

  • u gooooooooo ILLY your GREAT

  • Ily seems like such a nice person in person.

  • @illymation I don't know about you Ilyssa but I'm constantly getting invites from my Xbox friend and I'm getting anxious so it would help if you would stop ignoring me constantly for no good reason because I'm worried as heck.

  • I watched this video, and felt not alone anymore. I was raped when I was young by a "family friend". And i really do miss when I was close to him, when he didnt do any thing to me. I thought i was the only on feeling this way, thank you for making this video. (I love your videos btw)

  • 1:19 ah yes how i felt around my father (mum has full custody of me now)

  • Them if they physically hurt you that's a red flag me and my 2 siblings.......( i did'nt mean to be silly and joke around in the comments of a video of such a serious descsion)

  • Too bad Katie Morton is problematic...

  • Wasn’t this the same person who spread misinformation about sociopaths (basically calling them heartless unfeeling monsters) , an area where she isn’t familiar in, in a terrible “documentary” that basically just served to make Jake Paul look better?

    • Yeah. She also SERIOUSLY destroyed Eugenia Cooney's healing process (from an***xia). I won't get into all of the details, but she is a pretty messed up person.


  • I wish I saw this video 3 months ago

    • Me seeing that this comment was posted 3 months ago: 👁👄👁

  • I’m so glad you made this video. I really need this. Thank you so much.

  • I just want to mention, that in this day and age, please be mindful of people with sensory disabilities like Autism, as even small things like a reassuring shoulder touch can be triggering for someone on spectrum.

    • I have Aspergers myself, and while I am not to that extreme, I still prefer that people don't touch me unless I am close with them. It is mildly bothersome to me but I don't show it because I know that for "normal" people, a gentle shoulder touch or handshake is reasonable and non-invasive and that's just a sensory thing. I can however differentiate between innocent touch and aggressive touch. If someone touches you in a way that you know is not socially or morally acceptable, fight back. Just be careful because you can get in trouble too if it gets physical which I strongly disagree with. People should always be able to defend themselves without fear of punishment.

  • 2019, I had to deal with both the loss of a friend and a dog. I didn't deal with it, I put on a face and tried to act like myself. For anyone familiar, similar to when Jaidenanimations was getting over her anorexia and had to go to Vidcon, but no eating disorder. When I found out my friend died, the only thing I did was put on a face and try to act like my old self. When my dog died, I continued on with it, carrying this facade of normalcy. I tried to act like nothing happened.


  • Wait this isn’t a plainrock124 vid

  • I realize I witness toxic relationships my mother has been through and unnoticeable that she dragged me and my siblings through. Witnessing the toxic behaviors of men one after another made me think this is what love is. Relationship after the other left me cheated,emotionally hurt and soon to come with my last relationship dealing with sexual assault. I am now in the most healthy relationship I've been in the past two years and I've never felt so safe and comforted by my boyfriend. Even if hes states away I feel completely and utterly secure for once.

    • Ayyy happy endings do exist! Great job at getting yourself into a more deserving relationship!

  • Literally nobody deserves to be abused like it’s so rude I wish it would all end >:(

    • mochiking XD what about Hitler

  • My dad abused me

  • Just the fact that this video needs to exist is depressing

  • Kati: talks Illyssa: ya yeah yep yes

  • You’re the best youtuber

  • I love you

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg this is so sad 😭

  • thank you so so much for this 💗

  • Your so pretty 😩

  • Milking it too much

  • It’s Kati from the Shane Dawson series!

  • I just left a really toxic friendship yesterday and some of my friends are saying, “just make up with her” but they don’t know the depths of her behaviour and I’m kind of considering to just go back and I don’t know what to do

  • Hello, I know I'm not your target audience. But I saw your videos through my daughter. First, I'm so glad you are putting this information out there. It needs to be said. Second, I'm glad to see that you are moving forward. May you continue to be strong and blessed. I'm rooting for you. Much love a middle-aged mom.

  • I love her cause she kinda made alot of vids about this and the comments are full of your story's and it helps people feel better