I went undercover at Vidcon

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Srp 2019.
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- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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    • What are you doing down here?

    • :O

    • @Porter Bruno Definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for since december myself :D

    • pro trick : watch series on Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

    • @TheOdd1sOut bamboozled


  • Dress up as a boy one year 😆 it will look call And name suggestions to be funny James Or Luke Or Brody Or Noah

  • I went up to your booth and I tried asking your friends what they do but I think I asked wrong because they just started taking about your channel 😂



  • Listo bof

  • 9:49

  • Your mom was so sweet about the hair considering her opinion and all! I've seen much worse

  • At some point I wish she would’ve taken off the wig and said “I’m Hannah Montana” 😂

  • Mazz is soo nice and holsome

  • “I’m gonna get you next year” 2020 Are you sure about that?

  • “i’ll get you next year” that hurt

  • for a second i thought the thumbnail was f1nnster

  • her:only about 5000 subs me: thats a hobbie

  • And then there was no next year

  • You look a bit like Jaiden.

  • 7:03 illy in her head: mission failed we will get him next time

  • Illy is a amazing actor dude... I'm laughing bc that girl is totally me :")

  • Your disguise is queen!

  • when it only worked on katzun because they have face blindness 😭

  • Beside you dummy

  • 05:30 it's casually explained in the corner omg

  • Illy: I tricked Katzun! Katzun: I have face blindness-

  • Katzun has prosopagnosia thats why she didn't reconize you illy

  • The Trickster

  • Omg yes. I need a Panic! At The Disco shirt.

  • Doesn't she look like jaiden in the thumbnail

  • You forgot yore eye lashes

  • Plot twist: She actually did this just so she could fangirl-

  • I just realized now that Emirichu was wearing torhu Honda’s uniform

  • “I *will* get you next year!!!” ,,,, *sobs*

  • illy literally made her self an emo

  • Omg Maz was so nice it warmed my heart

  • i am not going to lie, i fucking love red hair, like natural red hair. like i tried to dye my hair natural red but i cant bc my hair is fucking DIRTY BLONDE. DIRTY. FUCKING. BLONDE. THATS LITERALLY THE WORST HAIR COLOR EVER, IT JUST LOOKS LIKE A REALLY GRAY FUCKING BROWN. LIKE WTFFFF

    • *flexes my natural red hair on you* Jk Please dont hurt me

    • @Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family yes but mine is a shitty dirty blonde, not a nice one, it just looks like grey shit-

    • That’s like, my favorite hair color. Sometimes I wish my hair was darker so it was dirty blonde but sometimes I don’t

  • I actually remember going to the 10th vidcon, I don't think I saw you

  • N E X T Y E A R

  • You are naturally very preety ❤️ The simplicity I see in you is amazing.

  • this was just wholesome

  • *Pretending* to be one of their fans. ... *Ouch*

  • ''i will get you next year'' me litteraly 2 years later: uuuuh

  • 5:34 Casually explained

  • I would know XD

  • When Perry the Platypus becomes an animator on HRwiki.

  • They thought she would be able to do it next year. hahahahhhahaha *laughter morphs into maniac laughter into sobbing* *cries in 2020*

  • There’s no bigger flex than not being allowed to attend something because you’re so famous that you could cause a mob

  • YoU wErE fOoLeD

  • Everyone in the animation crew seems so nice see guys that's how we should all be

  • It’s so weird not seeing social dissidents or masks

  • Is it just me or does she look like Jaiden in the thumpnail?

  • 😍

  • Did you make sure to wear sperrys?

  • All of u got le epic trolled

  • Illymation : I have hit 1 million Subscribers in September 2019 In 2021: 1.75 Subscribers, Nothing much has chaned, yikes! Well the reason can be forcefully adding matured contents in your channel.

  • what about Jaiden

  • I’ll get better next year - Illymation 2019 2020 rolls around nope 2021 probably not

  • hi

  • danny gonzalez wishes he was you

  • Hahaha 😂🤣 omg so funny

  • All of them were so niceeeeeeeeeee

  • The best prank Channel out there

  • Every time she does the HRwiki meet thing I go in panic attack

  • Mark Rober type beat amirite???

  • Bloody hell m8 ur face has almost as much definition as mine

  • I kinda like how with the wig and makeup, Ily looks an awful lot like she is the younger sister of Kat Dennings.

  • sad there is no vid con this year..YET See you there...maybe

  • Me trying to see if she meets Jaiden Animations~


  • hi

  • How do people find editors so quickly/how are people smart enough to edit videos? I can only edit photos.

  • man your friends are tooooo nice

  • This video currently has 420 dislikes. ;)

  • she reminds me of one of those disney channel edgy, shy kids

  • Me in my head: wait what if thought I was illy... me: no no I’m just a animator! Everyone: B R U H

  • Illymation : I will get you next year Viruses : hah,you thought

  • Nice idea!!!

  • Are you straight

  • "i will get you next year" 2020: yea no

  • They all prob pissed u only used jamses merch hah


  • U r adorable

  • Little did they know what 2020 had in store

  • i haven’t seen you in a long time

  • Amaazing is a doctor working at the padeattic section he must be very good at observation ........DOPE

  • 1:02 Tohru Honda lets goo

  • aw Illy you look so smol

  • me everytime someone was fooled: YAHEFJWCEJAFWJDVHE *gen z slaps mouth*

  • Illy=Soley from Childhood Crushes 1?

  • Why isn’t she an actor?

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God i miss this. No masks, no need to social distance.

  • Your so prettyyy 👁👄👁

  • The nutty amount additonally post because pike beverly afford about a adhesive birth. learned, unadvised brand

  • ur mom is the first mom i saw using "nvm" what the heck

  • This is sad to look at again

  • It’s like Pokémon go but with HRwikirs LOL XD

  • Omfg you met KATZUN

  • Godeem

  • i think if she had some shoes with thick soles so it added an inch or two to her height it would been even more dramatic change

  • This goes to show how kind the creators are tho 🥺