Drawing YOUR YouTube Ships & OTPS | ILLYSTRATIONS 3

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Vel 2019.
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▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - to draw backgrounds and the thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
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  • james x maaz is a joke ship btw, hence the permission asked to draw them~ happy v day yall

    • People simpin to the thumbnail be like O_O "wow" People That Doesn't care about that be like : ._. People saying that maaz and James are gay be like : OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoooo....

    • they’re not a joke 🙄 they’re real

    • @Joseph Branstetter in other words... SAD?

    • oh heck im glad this was posted

    • @meda jociunskaite noooooo it’s a joke lol

  • Mazz?I thoughtit was jadenanimation

  • Aww OHH

  • 1:20 It's Slughorn!

  • ok ima roll off

  • James x maaz

  • Ships and one time passwords?

  • Should have been maaz and mayo

  • ginger pail is best

  • 0:33 James and jaiden shipers:eeeeeee! 0:35 James and jaiden shipers: awwwww come on!

  • Gingerpale

  • james and maaz is da best

  • I am too in love with my right hand. It can do many things.

  • so I know this videos already out and I really really REALLY! dont mean to be rude but like letmeexplainstudios/rebecca and Somethingelseyt/Adam Okay love you byeee


  • eliza:and its the odd1sout and.......... me:jaiden animations!!!!!! eliza: the aMaazing me: NANI!?

  • I find people that ship other people that are not together clingy and not cool because imagine you were in the odds 1 out shoes how would you feel if people were shipping you with som random other popular dude bet you would feel pretty uncomfortable right so just stop

  • Ships that Dont really exist

  • Gpapi




  • Mayo x maaz?

  • Me and my friend spilling tea: 0:26

  • My favorite has to be ginger pale and Alyssa

  • It cant be true that James and mazz are together🤮

  • I don’t go crazy with ships. I ship cartoon characters.

  • jenna and julien. I like how they added dermet

  • I thought they were going to say *JAMES THEODD1SOUT and JAIDEN ANIMATIONS..*

  • Jordan looks like Abe from Clone High-

  • make a lugia with luigi’s head and a luigi hat

  • James is the best

  • Dude I didn't know who Kelsie was until you showed a pic lol. Kelsie participated in Ari's birthday. She helped decorate I think

  • ok i thought maaz and james where dating

  • You can't force people to love can't ship people it's bad that's what james the odd1sout said

  • Ok

  • Them : it’s gonna be James Me : yupppp

  • why not TheOdd1sOut and SomeThingElseYT ... And so the ship is not bad either


  • im also virgo great minds think alike

  • "I think he do i think he do"

  • those are really good drawings Fair

  • DRAW POKÈMON BUT THEY MUST ALL BE ALOLAN ONES (not just the forms tho)

  • 6:23/8:20

  • 4:33/8:20

  • 2:48/8:20

  • shipping real people is pretty cringe

  • here in 2020

  • That wrong

  • Your guy

  • You should draw Pancake & Daisy from BFF Squad! (They’re just characters from the channel, so don’t worry, it’s fine!)

  • Bowser x James don't @ me

  • Kelsi:draw’s infinity gauntlet Me: THATS THE WRONG COLOUR YOU FOOL

  • I ship life noggin x gingerpale

  • Myself ❤ Myself

  • “James X Maaz you ready?!” *BuT JaMeS HaS a GiF NoW* I think he offended..

  • At first I was like *WOAH JAMES IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MAAZ?!* nope ;-;

  • V-day is not for singles. They have every other day. Let us have our couples day for once! (Semi-Joke)

  • WHY!!!!!!!!! nooo poor maaz

  • all

  • My HRwiki Ships: Laurenzside and Bobby Cassie and Terry Safiya and Tyler

  • I know baby jim from ari's birthday video

  • My favorite is the chair

  • james and maaz

  • OK I absolutely love the Ginger pale and Allysa ship and then that Jordan and his right hand ship and then James x mazz is my favourite of

  • who else were only here for the James x Maaz ship? xD

  • Draw a cute girl with glasses and hair in buns

  • Guys, stop the Jameden shit. Please, James already said they're both uncomfortable with it.

  • When James has a girlfriend now, F Maz

  • Jaiden and James

  • My fave youtuber ship is Wolfychu and Jordan Sweeto they are so cute together

  • W


  • *Bootiful*

  • I didnt notice after all these years watching your video we have the same cat stuffed animal :0

  • cookie

  • 2:43 kpop idols left the chat

  • James x subway sandwich 4evar

  • James and Jai...I’m not saying it...I’m NOT saying it

  • i honestly don't know what i would say if a random ship with me in it popped up. If it was with a friend or something ok but those people who ship enemies then no (all my main OCs have ship except for JINX (aka my dragon-cat) she is STRICTLY AROMANTIC (idk why. i cant design a man for her. Or woman idk XD)

  • ... time to pray my friends dont include me on this

  • why is every one forgetting jaiden x james

  • illymation not you to

  • I tought it was jaiden animations and theodd1sout thats why i clicked on the video

  • Who changed the Description style 😑

  • Gibgerpale's is really cute

  • U forgot Emirichu and Daidus heehee

  • Osd1sout x jaiden animations

  • I thought it mite be odd1sout and jadenanimetion

  • "Hell like it to"

  • I wish mazz and James dated I actually thought this was real I thought my boi James was gay qwq

  • I'm sorry Ilisa I had one of my cats get hit be a car and it was the saddest thing ever and before that we had this really old cat he was 23 and that was sad also, so I guess my point is it happens and we can't let it weigh us down. I'm sorry.

  • I ship james and jaiden jameden for life

  • I really love your art style

  • Man if only they had the best ship ever Illy x Biskit

  • illy x luigi

  • This is fake news ginger pale wold not date a girl he wold date a bottle of maple syrup

  • OH OH!

  • jamden pls'

  • Can y’all do fictional characters:3