Drawing your art from memory w/ @Wolfychu

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Srp 2020.
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▶ BG ARTIST: Ingrid Umbach
"luigi time" voice acting- Jackurus
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▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - background art / thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC - to edit and compile
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- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • A furry is a person that likes the concept of anthropomorphic animals, which are animals with whatever amount of human characteristics.

  • yaaaaaay I love wolfychu

  • nobody: literally nobody: me: r u using the same editor i use? photopea, is this you?

  • wolfychu sounds like a 2 year old

  • 🍒🍒x👍👍😭😭🥶👽👽👽👋🦾🍒🦋🦋🦋🦋👄🍒🥰👄❤️

  • My character have shoes and im gonna ve an animator so...


  • Wolfychu and Illy: *trying to do Australian accent* Me, an Aussie: *trying to do an American accent*

  • So, If you, like, draw animal characters and mainly cats, who act like humans and talk but aren't anthro and you like to draw yourself (+other people and characters) as a cat are you a furry? Cause i don't know If I count as a furry or not??

  • I love the start

  • A furry is someone who acting like an animal or dressed like one in real life.

  • I would give ANYTHING to have you draw an arctic fox named evie 🥺❤️

  • As apart of the furry fandom I will explain it. the furry fandom is a place to express your creativity with fursuits,but you do not need a fursuit to be a furry you can express with art,uh neither do you need to be good at art, All you really need to be a furry is like antro animals, 65% of the fandom is apart of LGBTQ+ but that dose not need to be apart of LGBTQ+

  • Nice work to both of you❤️

  • To me a furry is someone who obsessed with anthro art and stuff like that. But its all perspective. From some perspectives I'm a furry for drawing a few but on other perspectives I'm definitely not l

  • “weenjie time 🤡” 😂

  • does jaiden animations wear shoes?

  • 0:03

  • is @wilfchu,s voice that high pitch if it is I love it

  • furry means covered with fur!

  • WAIT I JUST REALIZED WOLFY WAS DRAWING HOPELESS PEACHES NOOOOO- (if you don’t know what I mean peaches is problematic and spreads rumors about other youtubers 😔)

  • Hopeless peaches before her downfall

  • 11:17 11/10 sultan impression

  • Furry means half animal half human So basicly a human whit ears and a tail and sometimes wiskers. Furry isnt a actual animal

  • Wolfychu's voice and laugh are so cutteeee

  • Wolfychu looks like temmie in your style, Illy!

  • 0:18 *dog whistle intensifies*

  • I love the way you made wolfychu 😂👏 it’s so funny- xd but also cute at the same time ToT

  • Wow, you girls are much better than I in the art department...

  • Jaiden

  • sultan and I think Mazz

  • 2:34 she really said [Mic]🤛🥺

  • He does

  • I don’t watch Beast stars or whatever it’s called, but it is a furry anime. The characters are anthropomorphic, and the definition of furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic characters (animals with human traits).

  • Your just sinking It looks like your sink

  • 2:12 what's that on i want to use it

  • Gingerpale wears shoes ya random

  • Rebecca Parham wears shoes in about half the outfits she draws herself in

  • A furry is someone who likes talking animals so beat star is a furry show but furry arnt as weird as the internet make them out to be

  • Why isn't some one talking about wolfy's voice, her voice is soo cute ☺️

  • 1. Which softwares are you two using? 2. You guys are both so nice! Like if the other is done but you're not you're so sorry! 😂 anyway love both of your channels

  • My ox is no

  • his oc

  • sulten has red convers

  • I wear shoes

  • Is botiful

  • If you play animal jam you’re probably a furry only ogs will remember the game if you have a good taste games

  • What are platform are u using cuz I'm a Anime girl as well and I'd love to do a collaboration with both of u!!

  • Cat

  • a furry is some one who likes anthro art/characters and thinks there a furry except if you have a fursuit you are a furry for absolute

  • I think Rebecca Parham from Let me Explain studios wear shoes...? I saw a picture of her wearing shoes (Idk if you know who she is though)

  • A furry is a human who pretends to be a animal.

  • Are you guys Anime Kitties or Furrys? I'm a Anime Kitty they're so cute!!!

  • bieng a furry means having an intrest in anthropomorphic animals

  • Furry is... anthropomorphic animals??? I guess? Neko’s are different. (My opinion)

  • Furry: People who like humanoid animals

  • hoppleses peaches is toxic thoooooo. dont draw her oc.

    • This video was made before peaches was exposed for being toxic. They didn’t know.


  • Ive never been a fan of her voice personally but I sometimes watch her draw on mute bc she is pretty good at drawing. :)

  • Make a piggy mod a hog make it really funny and really hilarious I love you to make a pig make a pig two piggies in London hog one bed hog one that hog

  • Can someone do deku bakugo or tordoiki

  • GinjaNinjaOwO /Rae wears shoes too

  • Sultan wears shoes

  • So u know Jaiden animation

  • A furry is a charcter with tons of fur just kinding IDK what furry means

  • Meybye jaden

  • Is nobody gonna notice hopeless peaches? Y’know the person who manipulates people? No just me? Ok

    • Creepshow arts was lying tho .-.

    • yess i was about to comment how wolfychu was drawing hopeless peaches but this took place before the lies and manipulation well I think it did i kinda feel a little bad for hopeless peaches bc she was being groomed by an older man but she still should have not have lied about people

    • yeah that aged like milk i still love illy tho-

  • what makes furrys furrys isnt the fact that they have a furry oc its the fact that they want to be a furry


  • Oh boy, I knew I recognized Hopeless Peaches from somewhere. There's a whole lot of drama surrounding her now.

    • Now we know she's not the bad guy in this situation :p

  • OMG its wolfychu in the comment sorry im not.. i.. iv never come to the comments befor so to me its gr8 that wolfychu is in the comments

  • Before this I saw an ad about farmer's insurance and the victim was drench and his car was total in the bottom of the sea and I just thought "Did the dude died?!?!"


  • Wolfychu and u are so good at drawing!!!!!

  • Awwww look at the way you draw wolfy

  • She not actually a furry-

  • Question: What is a furry? Answer: Someone who believes that they are animals stuck in human bodies. Or at least that's what I know. Idk, someone please explain to me if I wasn't clear enough.

    • No I’m pretty sure what u described is a otherkin

  • Nice

  • Wait, how many teachers were lost to YT animation? XD I can't remember exactly who, but I think I can recall quite a lot mentioning that they were planning to be teachers?

  • You can go wrong with JK. Rowling However You cant go wrong with Harry Potter :)

  • I consider my self a furry 🤍ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅoH yEah yoU asKed whAtS A fuRrY-...its basicluly like if you chaeacter like is a wolf dog cat human -.-?or yoi cosplay as those things 。⋯(^-^)

  • I love this friendship duo

  • Ginja ninja owo


  • I think domics wears shoes

  • Humans with animal aspects such as cat ears and tails as far as my research has told DOES NOT EQUAL FURRY. Animals in humanoid form EQUALS FURRYS and straight-up animals is just BEASTYALLITY

  • Sultan has shoes

  • To me you have to identify as a furry

  • Furry-texture.

  • I know what furry means but I'm there is probably a lot of kids here so to say the least its usually a k i n k-

  • Let me explain studios wears shoes

  • :0

  • As a furry myself- I would say a furry is just someone who likes anthro animals. A person is only a furry if they consider themselves one.

  • A ferry is a animal human

  • Aw i got inspired by wolfy chu If ur reading this wolfychu arigato

  • I think furry men’s someone who kind of like does not want to be human for some reason like thy want to be marred but a lot of them hang out in furry conventions

  • Did anyone see that wolfy doesn’t sketch-

  • I don't get the reason why people think that wolfychu's character is a furry?🤔, to me i just see it as anime Wolf Girl