Christmas stories I wrote as a kid

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Pro 2019.
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  • “What the H O am I looking at” -illymations 2019

  • Word animation

  • How was your handwriting better than mine

  • I live in bumfHO New Jersey right by Atlantic City

  • WHOS HERE FOR THE CHAOS im here for the chaos

  • I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only person who did that polar express box car thing

  • I'm slightly sad the Calm the F**K Down promotion didn't say calm the "HO!" down. Also... Best. Segway. Ever.

  • 4:23 I hate how smooth that transition is

  • illy did you rush👹

  • Just a 7 year old kid with the thought 'There is a way to save Christmas!', summarizes all children's Christmas movies.

  • “HO” replacing the swear words is iconic I love it 😂

  • I wish H O is always the censor sound when illy says a bad word.

  • “Das what happened.” “Please, PETA, don’t sue me!”

  • Clifford, the Big, Red, $39.99 Dog. That book would also cost $39.99! :D

  • "my mom gets 20 bucks for christmas", honestly Im taking notes

  • I’m a Pisces moon too

  • MORE

  • Dear santa From santa

  • I’m dying

  • Has anyone ever noticed the amount of Patrick references in this video

  • 🎅🏻

  • 3:09

  • 3:09

  • Omg your drawing skills have definitely improved from 2019

  • Wow

  • this is what the christmas chronicles is based off of.

  • poor rudolph. got some painful burns in his nose!

  • I did that also while watching the polar express but in kindergarden.

  • POV: your watching this in 2021 ;)

  • I’m also a Pisces moon 😩 the worse thing is I’m an Aries sun

  • I'm in 9th grade and your first grader self's hand writing is better then mine

  • 4:14 R/thathappened

  • You are 12 years older than me (I'm 11)

  • This video was hilarious! 😂 It made me laugh so hard, amazing job!

  • Dats what happen:-)

  • The rabid surprise symptomatically consist because meeting cytomorphologically choke astride a honorable kangaroo. gaping, thin july

  • Me: stoped beliveing in santa when i was like 5 illy: belived in santa when she was 7

  • One day Rudolph nose stopped working and everyone died and everyone gathered around the body to eat it

  • My name is gwen, so when u said my name i looked around and then i realized it was the video XD

  • You had some really good handwriting for a 7 year old. Unless I just sucked

  • I’m dying. Also this made me buy audible just to listen to Calm the F down.

  • i was playing in the clouds in 2004 ^o^

  • Is it by chance, lowercase new york?

  • Lol

  • Anybody here in 2021

  • Who else is scrolling the comments cuz they've watched this video already

  • I don't think everyone in the world will fit in New York. We really aren't a big state.

  • Born in 1997.... Well I just got really old.

  • I wish I was you illysa

  • I was born on december 6, 2004 so no wonder the santa falling out of sleigh one was weird and cursed

  • how many times did ilyssa sweared👇

  • *i need to know where you got those HO* afects

  • Love your vids keep up the good work and I hope you got your large dog for $39.99😌😌😀😀😀🐶🐶🐶

  • December 6th is my birthday

  • December 6th

    • December 6th is my birthday

  • illys voice during the whole video: 😐😶😏👩🏻‍🦰👩‍💼🎓🕶⚡️ illys voice during the sponsor: ✨🌈💫🥰💄👩🏻‍🦰🧚🏼‍♀️💅👗👛

  • 0:04 SAMEEE!!!! duuud

  • The letter you wrote on 12-6-2004 sounds like you were talking about the movie Elf.

  • Can we talk about how her handwrighting is so perfect at 7 years old

  • But like why did we all think are dad wanted tools 🤣

  • santa going missing was in the newspaper but the police still didn't know, there's a flaw in every great masterpiece

  • I’m 7

  • 👍🐶👍🐱

  • Tell me why her handwriting from when she was a little kid is better then mine 😂

  • when I was a kid I would make lists of what was special to me. I didn't put my brother on it, but an inmaginaire baby did make the cut

  • That last story could really be a real Christmas movie. It starts with a climax, that could never happen, to the point where Christmas is ruined, maybe forever, and it is saved by one individual's plan. Bonus points! The individual also gets to ride on a reindeer, and intervenes with Santa's magic. To be honest I feel like a lot of modern Christmas movies are includ those aspects, maybe six year you was a genius!

  • 23 years old. OMG youre older than dream

  • There *is* a way to *SAVE CHRISTMAS*

  • Legends say Rudolph is still bleeding to this day

  • LoL this is so funny but like also cute

  • Omg Alissa you’ve improved from this to 2020

  • Strait out of the first grade And can we just take a moment a release that this first grader has better hand writing then a 5 the grader

  • I love your videos! They're amazing no matter what! I could watch your videos for hours!

  • 0:39

  • everyone: talking about something normal in the comments. ME who knows that emirichu voiced the sponsor just because of the mic quality and pitch: signature look of superiority

  • Omg I was literally 2 days old when the last one was written

  • anyone here from 2020?

  • Did illy get the 39.99 dog? Let's find out! *to be continued in year 3051*

  • "Some people drowning" yeah that seems about right for a 6 year old *wait*

  • Big brain kid 👁👄👁🤘

  • There is a book I think you would like it is called "Go The F**k To Sleep"

  • Here's a page from my 2nd grade journal. I'm not fixing the spelling and grammar errors: This moghing me my brauthr and my dad wrea playying wack a mole. My scko is motele 31 onec it was 32. My dadds scko has been 68 that is almost all the moles in the game I thik. My brautht was in the twuntes. ounes I got 48 or 44 thats my higaist scko.

  • Exactly 1 year ago check ⬇️

  • It's been exactly one year hehe

  • “I wanna fH Oking see that man” -illymation

  • Watching this on its 1 year anniversary:DDDDDDD

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  • Merry Christmas 2020

  • God doesn’t like zodiac signs

  • Lol her handwriting was on POINT 😂

  • lol


  • that's what happened


  • I wasn’t born yet but that was my birthday

  • no sé cómo llegué acá, pero me encanta

  • Still better than my handwriting

  • dat's what happened

  • Yes trust a 7 year old to ride Rudapth