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Datum objavljivanja: 19. Pro 2019.
you're loved more than you know. LYRICS AND CREDITS BELOW:
I fall apart on the floor in the kitchen
You're always there, I don't wanna make you listen
I'd rather do it on my own, try to fix it
Cuz maybe this time it'll be different
Y'know, I've been burned before
You walk over to my door
Late at night when I knew better
The air was getting colder
You saw what I did to my shoulder
Late at night when I knew better
But you say "you're beautiful"
And who'da known that I'd believe it?
But that's the way it goes
That's the way it goes
I'd like to say it'll go away with time
But it never really fades on this inside
What's the point when it's all in your mind?
It's a fight every day to stay alive
And I've tried eight years
To conquer all my fears
But they got worse
Maybe I don't deserve
To feel happy in this world
Maybe I deserve to hurt
But you say "you're beautiful"
And who'da known that I'd believe it?
But that's the way it goes
That's the way it goes
But if you saw me on the street you wouldn't know
Cuz I'm wearing long sleeves, say I'm cold
It feels bad feeling bad and I'm sorry
I'm a wreck and you're fine so what are we?
The overpass is close
No one would even know
And no one would even care
I'll call my mom goodbye
I'm probably make her cry
But I won't be here to care
But she says "You're beautiful
So please don't go
You're loved more than you know
That's why you're beautiful."
And who'da known that's all I needed?
You're beautiful
Do you know?
I hope you see it
And thats the way it goes
That's the way it goes
Ooooo x4
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  • hi guys! Popping in to say, thank you for the support on this and of me, and of all, of yourselves. You have the right to do covers and monetize it - PLEASE record covers! If some weird copyright thing comes up, email me ( and I’ll fix it ASAP. Thank you so much for coming together in this blessed little comment section, and thank you guys for sharing your stories.

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    • If you were not here i wouldn,t found a cure of my anxiety but since your here im happy that there was a solution to it.

    • @lilyI don’t know you’re going through this

    • is that your actual email or is that like a copyright thing

  • illy: Shoes? Nahh

  • to the people who dislike this, sleep with one eye open tonight because im going to turn your intestines in to a 15ft long meat straw

  • This song is beautiful

  • Different art styles?

  • so i started crying because i knew this is the painful truth...

  • Beautiful song

  • So beautiful song😢 It made me learn notes and how to make piano chords from guitar chords cuz I don't have guitar and I didn't find chords for piano.. well now I can play and sing this amazing song!!❤️❤️❤️

  • I have suicidal ideation and THIS HELPED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Also thinking about the pain I’d pass on to my family if I did anything. And the fact that the reason my parents are parents and my grandparents are grandparents and my uncles and aunts are uncles and aunts are all because of me. And the fact that they’d lose that term if I committed suicide hits me. So thanks again, Illy.

  • For anyone who feels like this stay strong

  • Can we get 2k DISLIKES?

  • I'm legit gonna cry

    • Well it's just so sad and yes the song is beautiful but it is about suicidal thoughts!

    • Why?

  • I've never gone suicide minded but I did go through a deep depression and the thoughts and pain wouldn't go away!

  • Me: I'm sad Memes : I exist I watch too many memes now I'm a living meme ✌️ don't be sad be a meme.

  • Lo malo conmigo es que yo soy tan weona que no sirvo ni para matatme, ya lo intente como 6 o 7 veses pero soy tan aweonada que no pasa nada y a mi familia y amigos no les importa

  • This song is amazing

  • My mom always told me depression was the worst disease because in all of the other ones, the person wants to live

  • 😂😂

    • It’s probably a bunch of 12 year olds doing it for attention

  • Bro 😂😂 I'm laughing at the fake depressed people in the comments

  • I cried while listening to this song because how much I related to it... I've been dealing with self harm since I was 12...

  • Let’s be real for a second James Jaiden Adem and illy need to go a colab song

  • Can we take some to appreciate the backgrounds?

  • I dealt with this, too. I never told my parents. If you are struggling with this, please reach out. Amazing song, gtw

  • I was diagnosed with depression a few weeks ago and i was speechless it just was awful I felt incredibly suicidal. I can relate to this song in that sense.

    • I hope you’re feeling better you should talk to someone

  • Commit lol

  • Title is "beautiful" but song is ug!y 😂😂😂😂

  • Fake depressed people in the comments lol!

  • When I tell I started crying one minute into this video- This is so powerful

  • I 100% agree. In fact your story is basically mine. Now I'm a spaz who is happy to be alive.

  • Illy: self harm, suicide, and panic attacks Jaiden: Anorexia and social anxiety Somethingelse: Bullying James: OOOHHHH, I'm a Good Person! I do my chores!

  • maybe i deserve to hurt

    • @wild cat Logan roof is 👑

    • please don't listen to logan roof, no one deserves to hurt! there are people who care about you, like me! :) if you ever need someone to talk to you can talk to me.

  • Illy! Why'd you have to make me cry? Everyone makes fun of me cuz I never cry during movies and everyone else in my family always does, but you legit brought tears to a mean old robot's eyes

  • this...i...dont know what to say. just keep.... going strong illy you well you already know and we need more youtubers like you so please just keep going and also AAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY

  • 🤣 Funny song to laugh and listen to at the same time LOL!

  • I love you so much I'm sorry for you. I cry I cry too hard my darlings have a group hug with me and the others

  • For some reason its so weird to her sing sounds great though

  • I know this is like a really sad song but can we take a moment to appreciate the polar bear swimming across the screen 😌

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  • Has anyone listened to people hate on music genres and been like, I love all music genres

  • Thank you

  • Thank you

  • Man this touched me, your voice is so beautiful illy ᴘᴜɴ ᴜɴɪɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ

  • 🤍

  • I’m 6 months clean from self-harm im proud of myself

  • I watch my friend almost krs and it got to my head so much I blacked out I never heard from her that summer

  • It’s so sad but this song is sooooo good this is the 7th time I’ve listened to this keep up the good work illy


  • Healing and moving on takes time no matter how old you get, I never knew I needed this, I love this song

  • Greatest song

  • What a the meaning of that song??

    • @Peter Plevritis welp that's okay now you know

    • English is not my native language so I dont understand everything that she says

    • @Peter Plevritis cuz.... She was suffering from suicidal thoughts and ideations so she attempted self harm? I think she said that in the end of the video didn't she?

    • Why is she hurt though?

    • The meaning is to help people know that they're beautiful no matter what and they can become stronger than their fears and sadness thoughts and they can overcome it, shortly it's for giving a helping hand and hope for those who need it

  • But I guess we can all agree that those wounds are funny 😂😂👌

    • @c o f f e e . yeah, I see, I just wanted to know exactly what they thought was funny about it

    • huh?

    • Self harm is not funny.

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  • I'm reporting this $hit

  • Wtf bro why didn't the 4 eyes JUMP??? 😐😐

  • yes i gotta smile at this ... something is wrong with me...

  • I know this song is old but I’m finally getting better and wanted to share my story. Hi I’m 15, at the age of 12 I started cutting around my thighs and on my shoulders. It was a way to relive my stress and sadness... I knew it was bad but it was hard to stop. I never let myself be sad around anyone because I had “friends” and a nice stable family. Of course now I knew those friends were toxic and my parents are very wealthy. I had attempted scucide twice before my mom actually decided to talk about what was wrong with me. I did and still do feel like I’m not allowed to be sad in any way at all because I was rich and white and had good friends and a perfect life on paper. It took my mom 2 years to find out I was cutting. I have 7 scars on my right thigh and two on my shoulder. Of course I cut a lot more then that those were just the ones deepest enough to last... it’s still hard to look at them... eventually I slowly began to stop cutting. I’m doing better now, I still have those thoughts sometimes and I still haven’t found a medication that works, for anyone wondering (although I doubt anyone’s going to read this) I have severe anxiety, aswell as depression and ADHD. With all three of these it makes sleeping and focus hard aswell as makes it really hard to get motivated. Yeah I know this story seems fake since I have two rich, self made parents and a wide circle of friends, anyone who knows me knows that I’m always a really positive and happy person around others. The truth is that I still feel like I can’t be sad at all, for even more reasons. I just wanted to get my story out there, honestly I’d be happy if I got even one reply letting me know at least someone’s there for me. I’m really sorry I know this seems really fake because again, I’m a rich, white, person... I’m really sorry for wasting your time with a “boohoo rich white person sad because they have no problems” story... god I’m sorry for apologizing so much I’m just really self conscious about this stuff and hate telling people my problems, again so sorry, agagrghabga sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry okay I need tot stop or I’m gonna sound insane. Also I know exactly 0 people care but I’m Nonbinary and use They/Them pronouns if you wanna reply again really really sorry for waisting your time...

    • No one cares

    • Where i met them online you can't send links to people Also thanks

    • @Ed Morente I’m really sorry, is there anything nice you can do for them? Maybe something you can do irl to let them know your loved and send them a pic? In the end it’s always going to be their choice and the best you can do is let them know your there and you love them. I hope the best for your friend and I’m here if you want to talk, stay strong.💙

    • My online friend told me they are planning their death date sooner.. Aka Suicide... And it's getting me worried cuz I can't do anything to help. And she's not even sad about it she seems..happy.

    • You are definitely allowed to feel sad, everybody is!

  • Dang I was really depressed up until last year.

  • The person at HRwiki making sure that this vid is appropriate: omg 😔😢😭

  • 1:28 AMOGUS

  • Trigger warning ig . . . . . . . How does one have "multiple attempted suicides"? 100% a question out of curiousity. Like does just thinking about it count as an attempt?

    • Oh and since I forgot to mention it, you can have multiple attempts because you’ve made it to the previously mentioned “point” more then once. It’s happened to me twice before so I have two attempts.

    • It depends on who you ask, I consider myself to have 2 attempts meaning I made a plan, wrote a goodbye letter. In the second case I was planning to jump off a three story building but stopped myself just as I was about to jump to really think about it. So from my win expiring every I’d say actually making plans and getting to that point but deciding not to do it in the end is an attempt, for example when she went to the overpass in the video and was about to jump that was a scucide attempt. But it may change form person to person. Not every act of self harm or scucidal thought is a scucide attempt or leads too one. Did that answer your question?

  • I love this song, I've cried to it like 15 or so times, but the only thing that's making me cry more is reading the comments, seeing all the hard times everyone is going through, I'm lucky enough to not have anything go to bad in my life that I want to end it but seeing that soo many people do just know that you're beautiful, You're probably an amazing person so don't let others bring you down to the point of where you want to end it, You deserve to live Please stay with us. And if you doing really want to kill yourself, here are some quotes that help me get through tough times, and I hope they help you to, "Suicide does end your pain, It just passes it on to someone else", "Your skin it not paper, so don't cut it Your neck is not a coat, so don't hang it Your Height is not a book, so don't judge it Your life isn't a movie, so don't end it", "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light." Thank you for reading this all the way and if you are thinking of ending your life I hoped this helped you rethink doing it, even just a little bit. And if you still want to end it, talk to someone, it can be you're Parent, Teacher, Relatives, Best friends, or if none of them help you or you don't have any, try you're neighbors or even people your barely know. just don't kill yourself or even harm your self. none of it is worth it and theirs someone out their who loves you

  • Thank you illy for telling me I'm beautiful.

  • you should upload this onto tidal

  • This is a good song. Maybe I can make my own music video about this.

  • Ur beeeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuutil! You really are everyone is

  • I didn't even know Lilly was so suicidal until I was in the middle of being 9, I'm now 10. Edit: I wrote this near the end of the song but after her mother hugged her a single tear fell from my eye.

  • Terrible animation

  • I know I’m late but I just wanna say that I’m going through the same thing and this song has helped me cope with the thoughts that destroy you from the inside

  • I'm not crying you're crying

  • Top 3 funniest songs to listen to 😂

    • @Ed Morente troll, don't give them attention its what they want

    • How is this funny? I'm just asking

  • Did Jim Henson make this LMFAO

  • It's heartbreaking to hear people you admire suffer. But also blessing because it shows that even the greatest people have hard days and it's ok.

  • This song was beautiful

  • LMFAO Good song to laugh to

  • Bad song


  • “Trans suicide chances go down by up to 94% if one person in their life accepts them” Man, i wish I had that 1 person

  • That happens to me very often, now my boyfriend is pretty used to it and he comforts me when I feel suicidal. But don't do it a lot of people care about you, even if people don't show that they care, that means they're to scared to show how they feel. If they really have to, they show their true colors.

  • This song is honestly hilarious LMFAO 🤣

  • You have a purpose,if you think nobody cares,I do

  • i hope ur doing ok now and ur r amazing! (ಥ﹏ಥ) yes i did just re watch this

  • Don't commit pls. I wuv u

  • Why the fuck would you dislike this?? Even if you dont like illy for some reason you have no reason to dislike this

    • @Helix The Raptor yea cristians also say that unaliving yourself is a sin, yet bully people to that point

    • I imagine people would dislike it because they think “people who self harm are destroying the body god gave them and embracing satan” at least that what my church told me when I went to get help. Maybe people are just bitches idk.

  • I cried so much during this video 😭

  • You are an amazing person I've struggled for a while now too we belive in you and you are amaziing

  • Your beautiful Illy, if anyone says different, they are total ASSHOLES. You are amazing and funny and kind, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Most talented people always go through a lot. I feel like nobody cared if I died, I wanted to just grab a knife and put it in me. The only thing I think is friends, family, or just people I know wants me to die. I feel like people have gone through more than me. Any thoughts on what is going on to me at this moment? Jesus what is my life? I’m just a freaking idiot. I think When I tell people what is going on with me, they get dragged in to my mess. Sorry if I’m being annoying.

  • This really hit hard it was so beautiful. Last year was crippling and I thought of ending it then. So glad I had people I could turn to then. Keep up the wonderful work

  • Me crying my mum what is happening

  • Thanks for the video and thanks for being awesome

  • You are beautiful ☺️

  • My entire life I have been plagued by people who told me I was nothing, that no body cared about me, when I was 14 I tried to commit for the first time, when it didn’t work, I cut for 2 years, because I feel that no body cares about how I feel or if I did die, I was truly alone

    • I hope you’ve gotten better. If you do ever contemplate killing your self, don’t. If you need help, go to a therapist or call the suicide help hotline.

  • This made me cry so hard. You're truly beautiful.

  • Derek chauvin

  • Terrible song bro 😂😂

    • Tbh you deserve to be called a failure

    • Ignore the typo everyone, I meant to write “I am a loser, failed abortion, mistake, and I deserve no love” Remember, call me a failure whenever you see another comment of mine This message was brought to you by the real Nathan Stuart

    • You again. I saw one of you're stupid comments that no one asked for at jaydens song called empty. I think you should stop.

    • Just like your life dude once you feel it you will be like her so shut up

  • her arm looking like a tally chart

    • @one with the jackie I think your just memeing now... that’s cool ima get some water give me your worst.

    • @Helix The Raptor all around you or formailer faces

    • @one with the jackie I mean- you could at least try to be sensitive to people feelings? I’m just saying. You don’t have to be rude.

    • @Helix The Raptor boo hoo

    • Dude that’s terrible. Those are scars from cutting. Sorry if you didn’t mean for this to be offensive it still is.

  • As someone who made her second suicide attempt recently and watched this vid before both, I can now relate to this and I thank you Illy for posting this and giving me another day.

    • Please don’t kill yourself. There are so many people that care about you.

  • One thing to pay attention to here is that part of the lyrics says, "Overpass is close, no one would even know. No one, would even care." Then later it says, "I'll call my mom goodbye, I'll probably make her cry..." Often when we have suicide thoughts, they lie to us and try to make us feel like no one would care. But if no one really cared, she wouldn't be making her mom cry by killing herself. Those thoughts will try anything to make us go through with them, and 99% of the time what they tell us is are lies. Don't be fooled and don't let the thoughts win. You're beautiful and you matter and someone ALWAYS cares about you. Who cares if you messed up really bad, you’re human. Stop hating yourself when often you don’t deserve pain. Stay with me, we can all live together!

  • Lol funny wounds

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    • @Neptune Hey guys ignore my alt here

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    • Ignore the typo everyone, I meant to write “I am a loser, failed abortion, mistake, and I deserve no love” Remember, call me a failure whenever you see another comment of mine This message was brought to you by the real Nathan Stuart

  • Jump!! I'm rooting for u!!

    • Ignore the typo everyone, I meant to write “I am a loser, failed abortion, mistake, and I deserve no love” Remember, call me a failure whenever you see another comment of mine This message was brought to you by the real Nathan Stuart